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Want a better turnout and attention in rural markets?


It is universal, the need for change and the advent of it. The same goes for rural India, revolution is here and looks like it is here to stay. As more emphasis is put into bettering the villages of the country, they move towards becoming a replica of the urban cities in their young age. It is like a child who is growing out of their shoes, while parents couldn’t be prouder, they need to be updated.

The transformation

The transformation

There are two sides of the coin, while many argue that the farmers of the country are yet to see the shimmer of the gold, statistics give rise to an alternative view. Increased mobile penetration, internet usage and western influence are all factors that speak volumes about the positive growth of rural India.

With growth, comes change and with change, CHANGES.

The new face of rural India

The new face of rural India

When a society grows, it takes the gradual turn towards newer inclinations; swayed by urban culture and often desire of a better lifestyle. The role of technology in all of this remains to be centralized, it enables, not only education but also exposure. The more content that they have access to, the more restructured their interests get.

Let us have a look at how the factors responsible for these changes are interlinked and operating:-

new face of rural India

 Marketing in the new world

“A smart marketer transforms with their audiences.”

A smart marketer transforms with their audiences

Change should be welcomed with open arms and greeted with creativity and innovation. The acceptance of change and comprehending the factors that has brought about us changes is vital. If you try to fit a grown up man in a child’s shoe; the results would obviously be unfavourable. As a market grows in size and develops a new taste; the marketer should focus on the new regime. Trying to make the old ones work might be counterproductive.

Marketing in the new world

The Action Plan

The desire of innovation is natural, but the presence of creativity cannot be forced, but experience and knowledge do help. This is one of those instances where change does not need to be a gradual process. Technology has made it possible for marketers to jump to newer engagement tools and explore urban options in rural areas.

Here are a few tricks that can change your brand engagement game forever:

  • Edutainment

Everyone needs a break from their monotonous routines, let your events be exactly that. Edutainment is the combination of education and entertainment, famous for its retention value. Engagement tools that combine the two factors such as Nukkad Natak, Dramatization, Bioscope etc. attracts the audience’s attention easily.

  • Mobile Marketing

The power of digital media is spreading across the rural land. Increased mobile and internet penetration, allows for the use of mobile marketing and induce constituents of digital marketing in the same by using SMS marketing, IVR, social media etc.

  • Influencer Marketing

A market that is changing due to influence can be captured using influence. Capturing the attention of few key individuals that the society listens too can work wonders. The native style of marketing is making an impact in rural areas.

  • Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is recreating reality with computer generated stimulus. Something that excites the audience’s curiosity and makes them feel special. These are people who have just adjusted themselves to the wonder that is a touch screen phone. If you present them with the latest technology, you are sure to leave a lasting impression.

  • Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is the integration of virtual reality and the real environment. By far, the most innovative use of technology in the field of marketing. Not advertising a product or a brand but an experience, like no other.

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