Story telling is an effective tool for rural marketing campaign

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Story telling is an effective tool for rural marketing campaign


Once upon a time, in a land far away there lived a marketer who wanted to help companies build their brands. He and his team were determined to create a channel of assistance to make this possible.

However, he soon hit a roadblock named rural marketing which was considered a challenge and agencies faced their own share of troubles to make it work, So did this marketer. They wanted people to pay attention but they also wanted to ensure they kept listening long after. After years of hard work, the marketer and his team decided to try a new way of engaging the audience which was also entertaining.

He was weary about the expenses, efforts and time that would go into creating this tool and the uncertainty that would follow its usage. Despite all of these problems, the marketer kept his hope and kept on going.

People wondered if this new way would work but the marketer was determined to make the tool effective and efficient to prove its worth to others.

What was the way? Did it work?

If there is even a slight curiosity in your mind right now or you have been reading this article up till this point, you have experienced that it works. The tool is called- “Story Telling”.

Storytelling is narrating an event or a product with the help of words or images, often conveyed in an attractive manner. Curiosity can be sparked with the help of a vivid imagination to assist in designing a successful campaign.

Nowadays, there are numerous methods and channels used to pursue sales and they frequently are bashed by the audience for various reasons such as lack of personal touch or being repetitive in nature. This creates a gap for fresh and innovative ideas that can bring the numbers without facing so much criticism. The audience is no longer seeking smart sales call, there needs to be a personal connection with them to expect loyalty and support from them.

Benefits of Story Telling in rural areas

Benefits of Story Telling in rural areas:-

1.Shaping the known

A story gives a face to an event and similarly it gives shape to the unformed information that has to pass along as a message. When raw data is passed as a story, it converts itself into meaningful ideas which leads to communications and opinions.

2.The thing about stories

A story is more predictable to give better options and avoid wastage of resources and it predicts the same with rightful precision. To jump hop on the main focal point, it is a proven fact that taking a cab will be later than a normal rickshaw and likewise. Basically, storytelling increases open and close rates as it targets the heart, not the brain.

Communication and sharing

3.Communication and sharing

Stories lead to more sharing as audiences find it easier and more fun to share stories rather than sharing videos or ads. This causes communication to kick start around these stories which ultimately help the brand find deeper reach and better sharing.

Connection through the stories

4.Connection through the stories

Storytelling is known to bring out a stronger emotional reaction to stories rather than ads etc. They touch the cords they are supposed to touch so that people start feeling closer to the brand. This is how a loyal customer base starts growing, it relates to the audience to form a bridge between the product or service and the brand.

May The Story Always Be With You


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