Rapid Rural Electrification Would Get More Villages in Gambit of Market Heaven Place for Marketers

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Rapid Rural Electrification Would Get More Villages in Gambit of Market Heaven Place for Marketers

The most ancient symbolism relates darkness to evil, translated in the modern day tales as the absence of light.This has been pretty much literal in the Indian scenario where the rural India has been under the shadow of the dark.

During 2011-2015, only 78.7 percent of Indians had access to electricity and that was one of the major hindrance to growth. The predicament was farther in the rural area, where entire villages went without any electricity for months. Around 400 million people are living in the dark in the rural parts of the country. People are dependent on day light for being kind so that they can complete their work. While some states are trying to provide to its villages, others are having a difficult time.

It is commonplace knowledge that for a country like India, whose population majorly resides in rural areas, development cannot be aimed for without considering its villages. Therefore, electricity is a factor in the overall progress of the country.

Electricity & Growth

The truth is access to electricity is just not about providing a better Standard of living or improving human development index of the country but also about growth. Presence of electricity brings with it the gifts of health care, telecommunication, education and, productivity in agriculture and allied activities.

Electricity & Growth

  • It reduced dependence on fuel such as kerosene and oil for anytime which is not a daytime.
  • Health care system gets a technological makeover and public health officers can be suspected to real time reporting.
  • Improves infrastructure for example, better roads and street lights which mitigates the risk of accidents.
  • Increases efficiency in farming by providing irrigation options and other processes.
  • Reduces pollution in long term since the reliance on fuel reduces, the other forms of fuel which are normally very polluting.
  • Supports the “Go Green “campaigns.

The government has paid homage to this detail and the Prime Minister announced time and again how rural electrification is one of the top priority. Since Independence Day and the introduction of under Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Gram Jyoti Yojana (DDUGJY), 4319 villages have been delivered to light. 276 of these being just from January 11, 2016 to January 17, 2016. In the Union Budget presented for the year 2016-17, it has been targeted that 100 percent of the villages will have electricity before May 01. 2018.

Plan Ahead

As villages are getting electrified in India, they are entering in the ballpark of the market. Electrification will bring opportunities of every kind- May it be night schools or fully equipped factory that can generate many job opportunities. This brings us to the part where they are potential markets who are still waiting to be tapped. It’s the indication of marketers to plan for this huge untapped market in their favour and be ready for the bright and electrified future.

Plan Ahead

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