Mandis as An Effective Touch Point To Target Farmers

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Mandis as An Effective Touch Point To Target Farmers

Mandis as an effective touch point to target farmers (1)

Agriculture produce selling markets or Mandis as we call them in India are an effective touch point to target the farmers.

The Mandis these days have become a year round phenomenon, unlike previously, when they used to witness the crowds only after the farming season. The recent initiatives taken by Government bodies to strengthen Mandis and make them a 360-degree solution place for farmers has seen the Mandis being in business for round the year. If not for selling the crops, then for purc the ase of seeds, or fertilizers, or insecticides and pesticides, the changing structure of Mandis has made them a lucrative business preposition for marketers.

And who are these marketers?

Right from seed companies to agri-input companies and tractor and allied vehicle companies. Not only companies related directly to agriculture, but non related sectors like 2 & 4 wheelers, CG & FMCG are also finding Mandis attractive these days.

Mandis can be explored by marketers through following activities:

  • Cluster Activities (setting up a canopy).
  • Van Campaigns.
  • Personalized contact programs.
  • Venue Branding.

And the list goes on…

Madis, if used effectively as a touch point, can do wonders for the marketers in BTL space.

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