Conceptual Marketing Campaign Works In For Long-Lasting Imprints in Consumers Mind

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Conceptual Marketing Campaign Works In For Long-Lasting Imprints in Consumers Mind



Any great campaign starts with a raw idea that needs a transformation which comes from ideation done by experienced and creative hands. In order to create magic to mesmerize and capture the interests of the customers, innovative and distinctive ideas are needed, but is that all? Does a single idea has the potential to create a brand image and creates a lasting impression?

The truth is, a good idea is like a good seed, even though it has the potential of growing into a big tree that provides shade, it needs help getting there. The idea needs to be nurtured and taken. Similarly, a great idea can only provide benefits if it has caretakers, a team to simplify it and create a conceptualized representation.

What is conceptualization

What is conceptualization?

Technically, it is the process of development and clarification of concepts. In regards to marketing campaigns, it can be understood as a process of creating an idea and working towards incorporation of the same. Features forming steps that can help understand the process of conceptualization are as follows:-

  • Stating the marketing goals for the product or the brand.
  • Understanding the target audience, its needs and preferences.
  • Comprehending geographical and regional differences.
  • Matching the use and needs to find the link between the two.
  • Listing out the requirements.
  • Drafting a strategy to accomplish the said goals.
  • Taking assistance from past experiences ,examples and market trends.
  • Consideration of cost and social benefit.

The theory of conceptualization is an adamant supporter of the development of a concept which is an abstract idea. Instead of going head-on into it, it begs the use of a more effective way of designing a campaign. It is distinct and unique to every single campaign. It can be utilized as a special purpose framework intended to result in the fulfillment of the marketing objectives of the company. Benefits of conceptualization reach deeper than the surface and are seen as essential when it comes to being creative.

Why conceptualize

Why conceptualize?

Effectiveness and efficiency are qualities that need no advocacy or explanation but those are not the only reasons marketers are attracted towards it. It is because even though the process is long, it gives the competitive edge the brand requires. We all keep talking about how important marketing is but how would you stand out when there are thousands of others who agree with the same point?

That is where Conceptualization comes to focus as it helps to create a campaign that is not only based on a powerful idea but also executed correctly. For example, use of Swach Bharat Abhiyan to market cleaning products- every other cleaning product will tell you that it removes all stains and gives shine etc. We have all heard that so we don’t bother but when they start with telling us the importance of cleanliness in our schools, streets, and country as a whole, we listen. Why?

Is it that “Daag achhe hote hai?” No, it is because we have never seen the link between a government project and a cleaning product. When you base your campaign on an idea instead of basic instincts of revenue maximization, it creates a more lasting impression on the target consumer. Everyone is aiming to fit their needs but is that enough to last the elimination round and thinning of the herd?

No, for that your campaigns need to break barriers of communication and reach out to the sensibilities of the customers that do more than satisfying their needs. Conceptualization of marketing campaigns is the best way to leave lasting imprints on the customers and the most effective way to do so.

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