Community Radio Is Underutilized In Rural India

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Community Radio Is Underutilized In Rural India

The allure of familiarity beats the monotony of the famed. We connect to content that is surrounded with local references instantly and often reacts promptly to it. Brands are walking on this path by opting to use home-grown native citations to engage their customers in a more effective manner. Localized content development and distribution are becoming a significant part of rural marketing strategy. One of the many ways for brands to integrate themselves into the lives of their target customers is through community radio for specified target groups!


What is community radio?

Community radio is a type of radio that serves to a particular geographic region or a group, as the name suggests they cater to a specific audience and often use content that is popular amongst the natives. While it provides them with entertainment, it also acts an information portal of sorts.



Why rural audiences love community radio?

Community Radios are a big hit in rural areas where people are not seen glued to their smartphones, rural audiences are still more inclined towards the vintage source of entertainment. They are the antidote to a boring afternoon or a lonely drive for some people and for some, it is a trusted companion through tough days. Isn’t it wonderful to hear what we see around us, to know that people are worried about?

One of the reasons for being loved so much is its local appeal. The content is curated based on the preferences and likes of a specific community living in a specified region. Every listener feels like it is for them and can establish a connection with the brand.

How community radio can do wonders in rural areas?

Here and there too- Massive reach and brand awareness

The reach of brand activation campaigns determine the impact of it but being able to reach cable dark areas is challenging for the rural marketers. However, radio is the simply wonderful device that it is, is present in most villages and in most houses. This provides a massive reach as compared to any other medium such as TV or mobile.

Those recognizable elements

For any brand to connect to its customers on a personal level is important to be able to have a loyal customer base. Rural audiences are glued to radios and thus they have a familiar feel to it. So when they hear about the brand through a source that they are acquainted with. This gives the brand a chance to create that personal connection with their target audience and in turn, provides them with a competitive advantage.

Be good and get stuck on their minds

The high brand recall is difficult to achieve but if you can get your audience to remember the brand message, then there is nothing like it. That is when your brand finds its way to the customer’s mind then it allows them to make a way into their homes.


Another way to look at it

Think of influencer marketing for the digitally challenged areas, like the urban clan seems to follow their online idols; rural audiences find solace in community radio. They relate to the RJs and often look up to them for advice.

The only question is, why are brands not still utilizing community radios in rural areas?

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