Use of Technology Effectively in Activation

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Use of Technology Effectively in Activation

As technology continues to be an intimate part of our daily routines, its role in the brand building has become critical. There can be more than few examples that prove this theory but let us

How can Technology be successfully integrated with the actual activation process:-

The first and foremost requirement of any marketer these days is – Real time reporting. Technology has assisted in making this possible by enabling real time data dissemination. This creates an opportunity of suitable data analysis, whose results provide suggestions for improvement. The most significant advancement in this area came with the “Smart Phone Revolution” which made the vision of integration of technology with on- ground activation a reality.

It has even facilitated the individual reporting needs of marketers by making possible development of customized apps for real time tracking.

How can Technology be successfully integrated with the actual activation process

This is just the first step of a long stair case, new ideas enter the market each day and several of them arefeasible only thanks to the existing technology. Moreover, the partnership with technology ensures quality in on-ground execution.

Let us get to know about activities in which technology plays a major part, such as:-

It does not take an expert to forecast the monetary implications such an event can leave on the state, the simple linkages that can be found between Simhastha and the business that can benefit out of its mere occurrence.

  • Real time reporting.
  • Developing quality matrices.
  • Back end analytics.
  • Real time resolution of activation hurdles.
  • Ensures correctness of data.

Need we quote more?

There is no loss, leakage or adulteration of data were just additions to the wonderful results.

Hence, through this campaign we realized that technology if used optimally, can do wonders in activation.

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