Reinvent yourself with a Digital Revamp Strategy

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Reinvent yourself with a Digital Revamp Strategy


A business, in order to be successful, should also be timeless. It should be flexible to adjust as per the waves of change and not get washed away with their arrival. As technology spreads its wings, it assists innovation and creativity across the sphere. Accepting these changes can aid the development of your business. It becomes the responsibility of the marketers to take initiative in order to ensure that the marketing strategies of a company withstand the test of time.

The Digital Age

The Digital Age

As the roots of technology deepens, its involvement in business increases, from information technology to advertising. The use of technology has added efficiency and ease of operation to every known aspect of an operation.

Using various digital media and adjacent tools through technological initiatives, marketing has been a game changer. Digital marketing, as we all have come to know and love, is a boon for startups and small businesses. Brands no longer need to be cash rich to indulge in heavy marketing, they just need to be innovative. This has leveled the
plowing field for all the players in the market- new and old.

So the real question is not WHY it is WHY NOT?

So the real question is not why, it is why not

Given the benefits of having a strong digital strategy, it is safe to say that it trains every business should consider hopping on. A strong digital strategy clearly has multiple advantages, then why is that businesses still shy away from this reform?

People are averse to change

When people do something for a long time, they become used to it. This makes them uncomfortable taking a different approach to digital marketing or technologies.

Calculating the ROI of digital marketing is difficult

Attributing the costs to the benefits that are derived from them is difficult. Even though there are parameters that will help, the picture is never black and white.

Technology might not seem commonplace

It is a common belief that a large number of Indians, especially rural audiences, do not have access to the internet. This lack of awareness of the real facts leaves plenty of room for assumptions. However, the majority of businesses, on closer inspection, will find that much of their target audience is privy to digital media.


Are the scales in your favor?

Are the scales in your favor

A business that has built its foundation with its physical presence might argue that their consumer base is loyal and hence they do not need the assistance of digital marketing. Similarly, many existing businesses have attempted on digital marketing have yielded good results; hence the inclusion of a digital element to a successful mix is quite redundant.

While making this argument, they ignore the fact that their customers are now all internet savvy Smartphone users. They use search engines to research, referrals to earn and are open to exploring ads that attract their attention. The allure is such, that it is associated with addiction.

The truth is the target audiences have changed and therefore, taking the same road they took earlier might not give the same results. The best way is to take the same road as your customers if they want digitalization, so should you. Synchronization of the changes in the market and your business is the key to finding synergy.

Overlooking the gains that arise out of a good digital strategy can cost your business heavily. Therefore, such a decision should not be made solely on conjectures.

Male employee working with digital tablet

Digital Revamp

Just like your car engine needs overhauling from time to time in order to achieve better performance, your marketing strategy needs refurbishing too. It’s time to give it a makeover with a digital element and give your business the edge it requires to survive the market.

Plan for digital revamp, prepare for a better future.

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