It’s the time when marketer can apply Big data analytics in rural marketing campaign

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It’s the time when marketer can apply Big data analytics in rural marketing campaign


It’s the time when marketer can apply Big data analytics in rural marketing campaign


The Big Data Scare

Big data is nothing but a set of large data that can be broken down as per requirement to yield useful results in order to study trends or patterns.
A table full of numbers can be dream for one person and nightmare for another, while some see data as raw material, most are intimidated by its presence. Nevertheless, data management and analysis is significant to the operational success of any marketing campaign. This is where big data analytics comes into the picture, the process helps to reveal trends so that market information can be understood through correlations and other analytical techniques.
It means using mathematical applications to convert unstructured data into useful business information that assists the management into taking worthwhile decisions. The end usage of the data is to connect it to human behaviour and interactions to make it expedient in rural marketing efforts.

How does big data analysis help in rural marketing?

The emphasis on collection and storage of data is heightened in the digital age due to the vast possibilities that come along with this compilation. In case of rural marketing, trouble surrounds the maintenance of benefits in a tangible avatar that is to show the advantages of a rural marketing campaign using data. However, the insights gained through this analysis can assist the marketer in achieving a better return on investment, through indirect means.

  • Product design and development.
    Big data analysis gives the marketer an understanding of the customer’s needs and preferences which helps them to give valuable inputs during the process of product design and development or even reintroducing it in the market to capture more share.
  • Cost Reduction
    Cost reduction can be a tricky area in rural marketing, to avoid expenses without compromising on quality of the services but big data analysis assists in pointing out the areas where this can be established. Once the scope of reduction is outlined, achieving it becomes easier.
  • More efficient decision making
    Decision making can often prove to be a very tedious job and rather difficult one at that. Analysis of such a large set of data can act as aid to form a firm reasoning or logic behind the decisions. The support of such analysis gives the decision a stronger base and the same is seen in the results.
  • Customer Engagement
    The insights into customer behaviour, needs, preferences and purchasing patterns gives the marketer the matter to create content that is intended specifically for the target audience. Such content and marketing strategies are sure to engage the audience.
  • Customer Retention
    Not even a conversation can survive without the strong arms of logic and vision, the same way a table needs four legs to stand stable, a marketer needs data analysis to create a successful rural marketing campaign. These learnings ensures that the customer’s satisfaction is on the cards and when they are satisfied, they ought to stay with the brand longer.
  • Improvement in credibility & loyal following
    Analysis gives the brand the necessary juice to take right decisions and increase its trustworthiness amongst the customers and prove its integrity to its peers.

The above benefits braid together to create a more powerful return on investment and therefore big data analytics should be applied by marketer in rural marketing campaign.

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