How Integration of digital media in brand campaigns overpower the Traditional marketing model

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How Integration of digital media in brand campaigns overpower the Traditional marketing model


People believe that change is inevitable but they often forget that this makes learning an endless pursuit. As more and more strategic digital agencies are speaking up about the perils of the digital age, they are also speaking about the allowances of it. Digital marketing is one such hot topic that keeps tossing back and forth in the minds of the old school digital marketing company in India.

Arguments are justified using the lack of digitalization in India as a reason. It is true that internet is not as widespread as some would lead people to believe. However, enough people are already using internet or on the way there, more than 40% of the population in India which makes it inevitable. That added to the 81% mobile phone penetration makes strategic digital marketing a must.

360 degree digital marketing

A 360 degree digital marketing solution compensates for the changes in the target audience behaviour over time. For the uninitiated, integrated digital marketing consists of various elements such as:-

  • Social media marketing
  • Video marketing
  • Content curation
  • Design strategy
  • Programmatic buying
  • Blogger marketing
  • Online led offline marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Content management

If the statistics do not convince marketers, it should be their own habits that do. Most of us are now dependent on our phones and especially on the internet for details, research and even advice. If there is some confusion, we look for an answer on the internet and so does the rest of the world.

It is when the internet doesn’t know, that the situation seems out of control. The dependence on the information on the inner web has become inescapable and so has the power of it. Numbers speak volumes but they are not the sole bread earner of the marketing fraternity.

The behavioral pattern of the target audience is also an important factor in making the decision regarding the method of marketing to be chosen. Since the smartphone age has finally dawned upon us and our government is making ample of efforts to digitalize the nation, including free Wi-Fi; digital integration is the best option.

Still not interested in Digital Integration

Still not interested in Digital Integration?

In case Digital marketing still doesn’t seem to appeal to a marketer’s senses, it is a good idea to investigate the reasons as to why. There is a hint of possibility that the marketer’s suspicious might prove to be found on utmost faith. In such cases, efforts should be made to find a perfect balance between off-line and online brand campaigning. The following can be few ways to do the same:-

  • Use digital platforms as a support to increase offline sales
  • Use digital platforms to compliment on-ground activation
  • Use digital platform to engage the audience about the brand
  • Use a certain component of digital marketing and take the rest in stride that is step by step

The truth is that if a marketer does not believe in a marketing strategy, they might not be able to implement it confidently. This means that if the marketers employ digital strategy without fully comprehending its power and boundaries, it would backfire on the brand.

Therefore, education seems to be the only answer, the more marketers would learn about the intricacies of the digital marketing world.

  • Learning through case studies about brands that have taken a similar path
  • Researching about the customers and their internet usage and preferred modes of communication
  • Taking the help of strategic digital marketing companies in India

It is a gradual process and not a steep slope, the more techniques a marketer learns, better.

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