High Brand Visibility Certainly Adds to High Brand Recall

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High Brand Visibility Certainly Adds to High Brand Recall


Higher Brand Recall is a tricky concept and a rather difficult goal to achieve, the best bet is to incorporate the brand into the lives of the customers in a nonchalant manner with the help of branding agencies.

The brand recall does not simply necessitate the customer remembering the brand, it is them relating to the brand while hearing about the product. If someone says cold drink or carbonated beverages, it transmits to Coca-Cola or Pepsi in our heads or Toothpaste is equivalent to Pepsodent or Colgate. Brand recall can even be secured through an ambassador.

for example, Baba Ramdev has now become synonymous to Yoga in India and of course, when one talks about Ayurvedic products, Patanjali is the first name to come out of our mouths. Fairness cream is always equated to Fair and lovely and energy drink to Red Bull etc.

The branding strategy and brand activation should be such that it ties to the subconscious of the consumer without their explicit knowledge of it. It is their intuition that leads to an unaided brand recall, just like a reflex action.

How doea brand recall help 3

How does Brand Recall help?

The relationship between the strength of a brand and its recall is that of chicken and egg, discussions ensure that strong brands have a higher brand recall but without higher brand recall, can a brand become stronger?

The truth is that it swings both ways, big brands have the advantage of being familiar and therefore initiate a higher brand recall. However, if a brand has to become big, it can start with obtaining brand recall.

Therefore, it is safe to conclude that higher brand recall has supplemented the market value of brands, giving them the advantages of :-

  • Competitive edge over their rivals.
  • Loyal Customer base that stabilizes the market demand.
  • Improved customer engagement.
  • Cushion of safety in times of uncertainties.



What adds to higher brand recall?

Brand consultants of India and brand activation companies have answered this question with a one-liner.

  • The more you see, the more you recall.

As a child, we were taught to write down formulas, table etc. on a sheet and paste it near our beds, we would see it more often and that ways we would remember it. The reason behind such advice was that if we see something so often, it is engraved in our subconscious. Our systems work the same way even after we grow up.

  • Brand visibility and awareness are the keys to higher brand recall.

Be it offline or online, a brand needs to in the eyes of the audience, through campaigns that subtly embed in their lives. Your brand strategy should emphasize on being everywhere your customers are but efforts should be placed in the right direction and care should be taken that the brand does not agitate them. A company can achieve the same by content curation and innovative design strategy that excites the customers instead.

Google’s recent vernacular campaign in India teaches us just that, they are on billboards, buses and when they started it seems they were everywhere. This is also one of E-commerce’s favorite tricks, ever noticed how you see a product on, let’s say Jabong or Myntra, now whatever site you go to, that or similar products just happen to pop up.

Therefore, in order to add value to your brand, focus on getting higher brand recalls through high brand visibility and awareness by engaging media online or offline or both.


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