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A Lesson in Marketing

If a marketing guide was drafted, it would turn out to be a futile activity because the aura that surrounds a lesson in theory often debunks its
application in reality. Marketing is about creating an experience that imparts in the audience’s mind, not the importance of a brand but the need. Anything less and you need to hit restart.

How? Understand the nitty-gritty.

May it is the brand awareness strategy, retail development strategy, design strategy or content curation; the clue comes from the same factors- The audience, the people.

People, in their day to day lives, come across hundreds or with the blessing of the internet, thousands of products. They are practically drowning in content and as one can imagine, suffocated by push ads invading their privacy and driven by the power of social media.

How do you market your brand to a crowd that flinches on hearing the words marketing?

Unlearn and relearn - like a baby

Unlearn and Relearn- like a baby.

There is a reason that people preach in favor of keeping the child in you alive, for it is that child who lets you forget everything you think you know and reinvent yourself to fit the bill. Finding a way to change without truly changing is child’s play.



There is a need for creativity in every aspect of life but do we really need to innovate, even the way we eat? Let innovation be need-based and not a mandatory. If something is working, why change it?
Innovation, for the sake of innovation, is a gamble you place on the future of your brand. One which might give you the best of results but also, might drive away your loyal customers.

Avoid Complications, Simple!

Avoid complications, simple!

You need different, yes but complicated, no. Making it difficult for the audience to understand your product by trying to communicate through layers can backfire. While some might find the quizzing intriguing, most won’t. Do not add unnecessary jargons, artwork or even colors.

Having said that, finding simplicity in the most complicated of brand messages is effective communication.

Look at the window, not the mirror

Anything and everything you do should be done with your target audience in mind and not your individual perception. The CMO of Tata Motors does not need to drive a Nano and might not necessarily relate to its message but knows that is what the people want. So on and so forth.

Take a cue from Gmail- “your message has no subject”

If you receive an email without any subject, it might miss the chance to attract the receiver’s attention. The subject line is vital. Exhibit A- open your own mailbox and jump to the promotions section, read the subject and choose for yourself, which you feel like opening.

The façade

The perfect example for this is Steve Jobs and Apple, being the legend that he is, Jobs knew that he had a good product in his hands but he also knew that it is not his area of expertise to market this product. The solution? He took the assistance of Regis McKenna, a move that retained the spot of Best Marketer for Apple. A position they haven’t lost, even 3 decades later.

Matter over mind

Never underestimate the power of a good product or service. It can act as a strong foundation for your marketing empire.

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