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Top Rural Brands Doing Well in Social Media

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Top Rural Brands Doing Well in Social Media



At the peak of the digital revolution, social media platforms, digital marketing services and mobile apps have expanded the reachability and connectivity manifold. More importantly, many businesses consider social media as an essential tool for making business decisions by analyzing feedback of the target group of customers.  

The content, videos, and visuals used in the social media platform are beneficial to improve the awareness and engagement of different brands. The days of PR efforts, press kits, and press releases are bygones as the social media platform offers a cost-effective approach for various announcements and engaging with people.

Popular platforms like Facebook have about 1.2 billion monthly active users, Twitter over one billion registered users, and Instagram over 300 million. Many users are shifting professions by becoming full-time vloggers, tutors for entrance examinations, people displaying their expertise and other talents through these platforms. It provides potential means of advertisement, marketing, and sometimes an income source.

The social media posts with hashtags have an immense impact on viewership, campaigns, and even raising funds in any crisis or emergency. It influences a vast network of people to come together as a social community for different social causes. The brands and products always keep customers’ emotions as a priority to serve them. Social media plays a vital effort to monitor their reviews and reactions about the product or commodity catering to the rural market.

Influence of Social Media on Rural:

With the penetration of smartphones and cheap internet, the social media presence has transcended the urban and semi-urban boundaries by leaps and bounds. Rural migration, active youth population across social media are some of the factors that are influencing steady changes with respect to lifestyle and different opportunities as they view their presence in social media as a mark of strength, encouragement, and confidence.

The regional news media, popular regional handlooms, emerging cooperatives, NGOs working in remote areas, entrepreneurs exploring the rural markets, and other media platforms which support the use of local language are increasing their awareness to and fro through their Facebook pages as a large number of rural users have made a comfortable space in the platform. 

It facilitates information dissemination, connectivity and simultaneously supports innovation like Project SEISMIC to build and operate the telecom sites efficiently in rural locations. The rural marketing and digital marketing companies in India are vicariously making use of social media marketing campaigns in rural areas.

With the new digital transformation in the rural and emerging rural market, we have come up with top brands and organizations doing well in social media. For a particular month, AscentGroup monitored the Facebook pages of various companies and non-government organizations that are widely penetrating and influencing the rural population. 

Here the brand engagement per month has been considered as the primary indicator for selecting the companies performing well in social media. Here are some few insights-

Below are the top 25 brands who are doing well in social media:

Sl no List of companies Sector Brand engagement per month Number of followers
1 Narayan Seva Sansthan NGO 190710 483062
2 ShareChat- Made in India Social media 136966 1493325
3 Tractor Junction Agriculture related services 114575 947387
4 Khetigaadi-New Tractors & Old Tractors Price Agriculture related services 84467 1247412
5 Parle Products Food processing company 81918 154788
6 Smile Foundation NGO 61964 2004938
7 Krish-e Agriculture related services 39779 193509
8 John Deere Agriculture equipment 39681 4853487
9 HIL Limited Construction company 37100 48201
10 Goonj NGO 34748 218035
11 JSW Cement Construction company 26600 161802
12 Patanjali FMCG 26595 814714
13 ARL Infratech Pipe manufacturing 26190 17931
14 Swaraj Tractors Agriculture related services 24910 551516
15 Bajaj Finserv Finance 20844 2420818
16 Dabur (Chyawanprash) FMCG 19968 236753
17 Pran Foods Limited Food processing company 14422 89654
18 FMC India Agriculture related services 12721 512528
19 Adani Group Commodity trading 11666 1023582
20 Give India NGO 9250 422074
21 IFFCO Kisan Agriculture related services 9213 1193059
22 MDH Spices FMCG 7941 58733
23 TVS Credit Service Ltd Finance 7254 265593
24 Muthoot Group Finance 7180 1299098
25 New Holland Agriculture Agriculture related services 4979 1362107
26 Jain Irrigations Systems Ltd Agriculture related services 4396 60859
27 Bayer Crop Science India Agriculture related services 3910 88394
28 BASF Agricultural solutions Agriculture related services 3708 2079845
29 Eicher Tractors Agriculture related services 3507 65311
30 Bikano Foods FMCG 3354 200692
31 Plantix Agriculture related services 3234 427920
32 TAFE- Tractors and Farm Equipment Limited Agriculture equipment services 2636 2090326
33 Action Aid NGO 2265 79550
34 Agriculture related services 2043 221580
35 Prince Pipes Pipe manufacturing 1806 165871
36 Aavas Financiers Limited Finance 1738 199135
37 Gramophone Agriculture related services 1699 26329
38 Balaji Wafers Food processing company 1621 40780
39 Natural Remedies- Animal Healthcare Products Veterinary feed supplements 1616 20190
40 ABIS Exports India Pvt Ltd. IB Group Poultry related services 1615 68660
41 Crompton Pump company 1530 283325
42 Mahindra Finance Finance 1233 806963
43 Pratham Education Foundation NGO 1138 82217
44 HUL(Fair and Lovely) FMCG 900 315171
45 Agrostar Agriculture related services 869 70769
46 KSB Company Pumps & Motor manufacturing 642 87222
47 Oswal Pumps Ltd Pump company 627 105208
48 VST Tillers Tractors Limited Agriculture related services 617 209390
49 Waghbakri Tea company 615 203148
50 GoCoop for Artisans Clothing company 585 79046
51 Ratna Nidhi Charitable Trust NGO 532 87827
52 Bikaji Food International Limited Food processing company 507 273523
53 TATA Chemicals Agriculture related services 491 82222
54 Rasna International Soft drink company 471 164548
55 Escorts Limited Agriculture related services 344 55053
56 Mahyco Agriculture related services 326 223480
57 KrishiHub Agriculture related services 282 31639
58 Everest Spices FMCG 262 70540
59 BigHaat India Agriculture related services 253 27546
60 Shakti Pumps Pumps & Motor manufacturing 146 129368
61 Project Nanhi Kali NGO 143 60488
62 USHA International Consumer Durables 68 227856
63 Dabur (Vatika) FMCG 59 202009
64 NeoGrowth Fintech 58 92874
65 Mera Kisan Agriculture related services 56 35641


Unique ideas, stories, and experiences catered by the social media platforms can empower people by motivating them to channelize their operations in diverse fields. The consultants of top digital marketing companies in India have to think of innovative digital marketing strategies due to competitive sales and marketing strategies, consumer awareness of the pros and cons of different brands through the social media channels, and making the businesses socially responsible rather than growing on monopolistic principles. 

Hence, for the benefit of consumers, social media can be seen as an instrument of check and balance for the organizations to put forward their services with the best effort and to make the consumer experience worthy.

This is our initial effort of preparing a list of top 25 brands who are doing well in digital marketing services and social media on some set parameters as explained above. This will be a continuous process of researching and having an eye in the market for more developments. As a reader you can also suggest the brands for our evaluation process for enlisting them in the list.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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