Top leading women entrepreneurs who used social media effectively

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Social Media Marketing : Use from Top women entrepreneurs

Top leading women entrepreneurs who used social media effectively

The magic of social media marketing needs no prelude nor does the reality of legit businesses that are being born out of the union of social media and strategic digital marketing. With digitization becoming commonplace in the target audience, advertisers have openly embraced social media. Women, more than men have used content as a preferred tool for establishing web careers.

Here is a list of top women entrepreneurs who used social media as a platform;

Social Media Marketing

1. The Kardashians

No one understands the K Clan’s fame but they still gather around $100 million in wealth from the social media. The sisters were first to promote Dash- their clothing line using their social media following and the world blindly followed.

Social Media Marketing

2. ‘King’ Kylie Jenner

Her lip line sold out completely in 16 minutes that translates into around 10,000 lip kits sold every minute. In order to elucidate this fact, it is important to know that these are overpriced products that were marketed on the merit of the brand Kylie Jenner herself is and what is she if not the reigning Social Media Queen? Also, the youngest to have made it to Forbes 30 under 3 this year.


Social Media Marketing

3. Superwoman aka Lilly Singh

This woman deserves a mention in any list made this decade titled leading women entrepreneurs. This third highest paid Youtube Celebrity has kick-started her business using only social media solutions, with an active following of over 6.8 million on Instagram and a best seller(‘How to Be a Bawse’), this lady knows no bounds. How did she start? A cheap camera and a thorough understanding of the influence of social media.

There are several other notable women belonging to Indian roots who have used Social media to market their unique products such as:

Social Media Marketing

–    Shradha Sharma, Founder of Your Story.

Her strategy was clean, using social media for storytelling, the least of what it fetched is support from none other than, Vaani Kola, one of the most powerful women in the country right now.

–    Richa Kar, Founder of Zivame

A niche product can be costly if Spray and Pray model is relied on, Richa found her TG at an exceptionally low acquisition cost making social media eccentric to her marketing strategy.

–    Masoom Minawala, Founder of Stylefiesta

Rags to riches story of a girl in her 20s who pioneered Fashion and Lifestyle blogging and created a fashion line for her loyal followers. Since then, many have followed in her footsteps.

These women are not just successful entrepreneurs but also influencers of the digital realm, they don’t just drive profits of their companies but also the recent trends. However, in order to able to do that, a unique understanding of the marketplace and how to create their own corner in it is needed. All that work requires a strong team ~ behind every emerging social media star, there is an agency paying their path to stardom.

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