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Top 20 YouTube influencers impacting rural India

In the age of Internet age and social media, farming is no longer learnt solely by traditional methods. Farmers have actively started using social media handles to learn and educate themselves and others about various tools and techniques.

Among them are a few farmers who started their own YouTube channel with the intention to help rural India. They make videos on a variety of topics on their YouTube channel. Few of them have gained a lot of popularity in recent years and have been recognised as YouTube influencers for rural India. Some of them have been recognised by the government as well for the impacts they have created. 

The following are some of the top YouTube influencers who have thousands of subscribers and have been active since the past 3-5 years.

1. Channel name: Farming leader

Run By: Darshan Singh

Subscribers: 34 lakhs

Videos Published: 470

The YouTube channel Farming leader is run by Darshan Singh from Haryana. Dedicated to farmers, this channel has over 34 lakh subscribers. He covers a wide variety of topics to help farmers. Some of the topics are organic farming in India, dairy farming, goat farming, poultry farming, fish farming, mushroom farming, goat and pig farming. 

He also shoots videos describing various machineries of agriculture. At only 27 years of age, Darshan Singh has already shot over 470 videos. He is soon going to start a training centre where he will train aspiring farmers in various aspects of farming.

Youtube link:

2. Channel name: My Kisan Dost

Run by: Yash Jaat

Subscribers: 10 lakh

Videos Published: 380

Another successful YouTube channel is My Kisan Dost which is run by Yash Jaat. His channel is dedicated to helping farmers all across India. He makes farming videos related to organic farming, dairy farming, goat and pig farming. He also makes videos related to agricultural machinery, new agricultural technologies, new and upcoming tractors and home gardening. 

He also has social media handles on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. One of his most popular videos is about efficient machinery which can be bought at reasonable prices for the average farmer. In his videos, he also talks about various ‘jugaads’ that farmers can implement to save time and money. He also reviews small and medium scale tractors, price of engines and specifications of tractors in detail. My Kisan dost YouTube channel has over 10 lakh subscribers and over 380 videos.

Youtube link:

3. Channel name: Hello Kisan

Run by: Robin Tyagi

Subscribers: 9.5 lakh

Videos Published: 330

Hello Kisan is a popular YouTube channel run by Robin Tyagi. He showcases videos about organic farming, poultry farming and machinery used for agriculture. Most of his videos are about his interviews with successful farmers. He asks them questions about how they cultivated a particular crop, what techniques and equipment they used and if they faced any roadblocks. 

The people(farmers) in his videos show the viewers new techniques that they are currently using. One of his famous videos is about a person who was earning 18 lakhs in the city and left his job to become a farmer. Robin interviews him about his decision to leave his job and how is he finding farming as a profession now. 

He also visits hi-end farm shelters who are using the latest technology and promotes them on his YouTube channel. He has made videos on artificial rain, biofloc in an open pond, pro-tray ginger farming. Another of his famous video is about a fashion designer who left her job to begin goat farming. 

We can see that he promotes people, shares their journey and inspires thousands to begin some form of gardening or farming at their home. His YouTube channel has over 9.5 lakh subscribers and 330 videos.

Youtube link:

4. Channel name: Farming Guruji 

Run by: Surjeet Panwar

Subscribers: 7.13 lakh

Videos Published: 270

Farming Guruji is yet another popular YouTube channel dedicated to farmers to help them with dairy farming. Surjit Kanwar who runs the channel provides interesting videos on dairy farming. He educates farmers on the latest tools and techniques which are being used for dairy farming and make sure that all the information he provides is accurate. 

His motive is to make dairy farmers efficient so that they can have profitable businesses. He has also posted his WhatsApp number on his YouTube channel so that he can directly clear queries from farmers on his mobile phone. His videos also discuss about infections and diseases common in farm animals and ways to treat them. 

He encourages people to open their own dairy farms and motivates them by saying that it is possible for anyone to do so. He has also made a video for people living in tier-three cities on how they can begin their own dairy farm. He has over 7.13 lakh subscribers and has made 270 videos till date.

Youtube link:

5. Channel Name: Indian farmer 

Run by: Santosh Jadhav

Subscribers: 6.55 lakhs

Videos Published: 300

The YouTube channel Indian farmer was started by Santosh Jadhav, age 26. He was encouraged by his friends to start a YouTube channel because his friends felt the way he explained farming techniques were simple and quite engaging. He started by shooting videos on his Samsung Galaxy J7 Max phone. Santosh Jadhav is a second-generation farmer. His main area of focus is on new farming technologies and he also talks about new and upcoming government schemes and subsidies. He is a humble farmer who dresses in track pants and a T-shirt and is a natural in front of the camera. 

Some of his videos include do-it-yourself mechanical fixes, ways to kill weeds and fixing leaking pipes. Currently, Jadhav has more than two lakh subscribers on YouTube. He now uses a Canon DSLR camera to shoot his videos. Some of his famous videos include up-cycling a tractor so that multiple tasks can be performed like tilling the soil, sowing the seeds and removing the weeds.1 

Currently, there are hundreds of followers who leave comments on his videos asking for advice. Majority of them are farmers. He has more than 6.55 lakh subscribers and has made more than 300 videos till date.

Youtube link:

6. Channel name: Ejju ki business ideas

Run by: Ejaz Ahmed

Subscribers: 6.32 lakhs

Videos Published: 600

The Ejju ki business ideas is a YouTube channel which is run by Ejaz Ahmed from Bihar. It is a channel which is dedicated to new and upcoming business ideas to help farmers. The business ideas consist of organic farming, dairy farming, poultry farming, fish farming, mushroom farming and goat farming. He also showcases videos about modern machinery. 

One of his most popular videos shows where can farmers buy goats in Bihar at a reasonable rate for goat farming. In turn, his videos are a great way to connect the seller with buyers. He has also posted his WhatsApp number on his YouTube channel so that people can directly get in touch with him who need help with business or need to seller buy farm animals. 

His videos are quite informative since he also talks about the price of the farm animals, updates about closing and opening of new shelters and talks in detail about different milking machines. He has 6.32 lakh YouTube subscribers and has made over 600 videos.

Youtube link:

7. Channel name: Ravizone farming Leader

Run by: Ravi Tyagi

Subscribers: 5.16 lakhs

Videos Published: 520

The Ravizone Farming Leader YouTube channel is run by Ravi Tyagi. His channel is dedicated to farmers. He makes videos on organic farming, dairy farming, goat farming, mushroom farming, poultry farming and pig farming. He also makes videos on machinery used In agriculture. His most popular videos are about high-tech equipments, pig farming and backyard poultry farming. 

He also shares information on the latest technologies used in tractors and recommends which one to buy and at what price. He has also made videos on how to start dairy farming from scratch. He often meets different farmers and shares their stories on his channel. He has posted his WhatsApp number on his YouTube channel to connect with farmers across the country. He also has a dedicated Facebook page. 

He has made a number of videos on poultry farming and fish farming as well. He has over 5.16 lakh YouTube subscribers and has made over 520 videos.

Youtube link:

8. Channel name:  LPatel

Run by: Lakhan Patel

Subscribers: 3.77 lakhs

Videos Published: 210

L Patel is a YouTube channel run by Lakhan Patel for the farmers of India. His motive is to educate farmers on how to earn money from their produce. His videos often talk about informing farmers about fake products and traps which can lead them into debts. 

He also makes videos on tractors, which ones are very efficient and if a farmer chooses to invest in them, then which one should be bought. He also talks about local oil companies which can loot the farmers by selling inferior quality at high prices. He has made a lot of videos on fertilisers and pesticides and explains each of them in detail along with the right way of using them. He has over 3.77 lakh subscribers on YouTube and has made over 210 videos.

Youtube link:

9. Channel name: Farming Gyan

Run by: Shamsher Singh

Subscribers: 3.35 lakhs

Videos Published: 430

Farming  Gyan, a channel run by Shamsher Singh is dedicated to his fellow farmers. His videos show new and modern scientific techniques of farming. He wishes to educate his fellow farmers so that they can earn better from their produce. He also makes videos on fertilisers and pesticides and shows how much quantity is ideal for different kinds of crops without damaging them. He has made videos on soil inspection, bacterial and fungal inspection. 

His most popular videos are that of water irrigation, wheat farming, sugar cane farming, paddy farming and onion farming. He also gives regular updates on the weather. One of his other popular videos showcases him talking about getting a farmer loan on 0% interest. He often talks about market prices of crops and how can farmers benefit from it. He has over 3.35 lakh YouTube subscribers and has made over 430 videos.

Youtube link:

10. Channel name: Kheti Ki Pathshaala

Run by: Govind Patel

Subscribers: 3.27 lakhs

The YouTube channel Kheti Ki Pathshaala is run by Govind Patel. His channel educates farmers about various techniques of farming. He makes videos on organic farming, new machinery, new medicines and tonics. Some of his famous videos include types of fertilisers to use in soybean crop, how to save crops from bacteria and fungi, biodynamic agriculture and horticulture. 

His recent video of how to save crops from locusts has gained a lot of popularity. He also gives monsoon updates on his channel so that farmers are aware of the weather. He has over 3.27 lakh subscribers among which majority are farmers. He has also started videos on building a nursery and also informs farmers of the current market scenarios.

Youtube link:

11. Channel name: Desi Kheti

Run By: NandKishore  Dhaakad

Subscribers: 2.96 lakhs

Videos Published: 320

The YouTube channel Desi Kheti is run by NandKishor Dhaakad who is from Bhimsukh village in Neemach district of Madhya Pradesh. He is class 12th pass out and started his YouTube channel in November 2017. He used to watch a lot of farming videos on YouTube channels. He learnt farming from watching these videos on Youtube and then thought to give it a try himself. His main area of focus in his videos is informing farmers about alternative crops to grow instead of the traditional ones.

One of his famous videos talks about growing black sesame instead of traditional groundnut during summers. He says that since sesame needs less water and is more resistant to diseases, this is a good alternative. He also says that a quintal of sesame fetches around INR 10,000 while Groundnut fetches INR 4000. He uses his One plus 5 phone to shoot the videos and free software to edit them.1  In July 2018, a Nigerian farmer saw Dhaakad’s video on papaya farming and was impressed. 

He invited him to Nigeria to teach him papaya farming. Dhaakad went to Nigeria for 10 days and showed him an efficient way of papaya farming-the right amount of water to give to the seeds and how to control the problem of weed. He has over 2.96 lakh YouTube subscribers and has made 320 videos till date.

Youtube link:

12. Channel name: Smart Kisan

Run by: Dev Maurya

Subscribers: 2.96 lakhs

Videos Published: 175

Smart Hassan is a YouTube channel run by Dev Maurya. He makes videos for his fellow farmers. His videos include a wide range of topics like smart and high-tech machinery which can be used for efficient farming. He also interviews successful farmers and shares their stories on his channel. He also makes videos on farmers who have been affected by the recent COVID-19 situation. He then suggests solutions which can help those farmers so that they can recover their losses. 

Apart from this, he makes small videos on organic farming and in each video he talks about one particular fruit or vegetable. He also updates farmers on the market prices. He educates them on how to identify fake products and fake fertilisers. His videos also include make-it-yourself tools and detailed steps on how to make them. The smart Kisan channel has over 2.96 lakh YouTube subscribers and over 175 videos. He also maintains a Facebook page and has posted his email ID on his YouTube channel so that farmers can get in touch with him.

Youtube link:

13. Channel name: Mohan Parihar

Run by: Mohan Parihar

Subscribers: 2.21 lakhs

Mohan Parihar runs a channel by his own name where he makes videos about farming, gardening and other general information related to agriculture. His famous videos include chickpea farming, wheat farming, tomato farming and cottonseed farming. He also makes videos on waste decomposer, fertilisers and removal of weeds. 

He educates farmers on how to increase their productivity and ways to detect any fungal or bacterial infection on their farm. He has over 2.21 lakh subscribers on YouTube. He has also mentioned his email ID on his YouTube channel where he addresses the concerns of farmers on a one-on-one basis. 

Youtube link:

14. Channel name: Farming Hindi advice

Run by: Vikas Sharma

Subscribers: 1.75 lakhs 

Videos Published: 348

The YouTube channel forming Hindi advice is run by Vikas Sharma. He has over 1.75 lakh subscribers and has made 348 YouTube videos. His most popular videos are about how to save different kinds of produce from pests. He also posts videos on how to make a pesticide at home for the farms. There is a video where he himself makes a pesticide using aloe vera and neem leaves. Wearing a saffron Kurta in all his videos, he speaks about various crops which would be profitable for the farmers. 

Some of his other famous videos are about tomato farming, ladyfinger, brinjal and cucumber farming. There is another famous video about making pesticide from tobacco. He also educates his viewers on the benefits of the byproducts of his crops. 

Youtube link:

15. Channel name: Natural Farming

Run by: Gurpreet Dabrikhana

Subscribers: 77.4 Thousand

The Natural Farming YouTube channel is run by Gurpreet Dabrikhana. He is a very passionate farmer with the sole motive of training farmers on organic farming. He shares appropriate techniques of organic farming. He is also a part of the Kheti Virasat Mission. 

He is an organic farming trainer with over 12 years of experience. He does not like to complicate his videos and tries to use very simple language to communicate with his fellow farmers. Some of his famous videos include paddy farming, sugar cane farming and wheat farming. He also makes videos on pest control and ways to save farm during flooding. He has over 77.4K YouTube subscribers.

Youtube link:

16. Channel name: Natural farming

Run by: Subhash Sharma

Subscribers: 21.4 Thousand

Videos Published: 133

Natural Farming YouTube channel is run by Subash Sharma. He promotes a natural way of farming and advises farmers to avoid pesticides in the crops. He believes that pesticides ruin the quality of the product and affects the produce. He wants each and every farmer to use natural way of farming. 

He has created training modules on his YouTube channel where he educates farmers about organic farming, water management, land fertility and crop rotation. He has gained a lot of popularity on YouTube with over 21.4K subscribers and has made 133 videos till date. In his videos, he uses natural methods and demonstrates at his own farm. He has over 45 years of farming experience covering 117 acres of land. 

Youtube link:

17. Channel name: Shekhawati Krishi Farm and Nursery Udyaan

Run by: Santosh Devi

Subscribers: 16.5 Thousand

One of the best examples of a woman YouTube influencer impacting rural India is that of Santosh Devi who is the face of Shekhawati kirshi farm and Nursery Udyaan. She is from Rajasthan. With more than 16.5 K subscribers on YouTube, Santosh Devi can be seen in the videos explaining various techniques of organic fruit farming. 

Through her YouTube channel, she wants to help farmers and aspiring farmers to learn about fruit farming and earn a living. She also has a training centre where she provides training and guidance on farming and also ways to sell the produce at a decent price. She has her own Instagram, Facebook and Twitter handles. 

She specialises in organic farming. Rajasthan government has recognised her Kirshi farm and Nursery Kirshi as the best organic Kirshi farm. She also sells small and large nursery plants all over India. The customers also have the option of customising their order. Some of the nursery plants are pomegranates, mosambi, lemon, apple and mango.2                         

Youtube link:

18. Channel name: Natural Farming made easy

Run by: Sankalp Sharma

Subscribers: 10 Thousand

The YouTube channel Natural Farming made easy is owned and run by Vidisha from Madhya Pradesh based on a natural farmer Sankalp Sharma. The channel showcases natural farming and promotes organic agriculture across India. Sankalp Sharma is a passionate farmer who believes that Indians should have access to chemical-free naturally grown produce. This is only possible when all the farmers implement organic farming. Thus, by his videos, he hopes to educate farmers on natural farming. He also has a Facebook page and an Instagram handle. He has 10k subscribers on YouTube.

Youtube link:

19. Channel name: Farmer Dost

Run by: Harish Sahu

Subscribers: 8.06 Thousand

Solely dedicated to farmers, the channel Farmer Dost is run by Harish Sahu. His channel has over 8.06K YouTube subscribers. He posts videos which would be beneficial to farmers and would enable them with efficient techniques of farming. Few examples of his popular videos are multilayer farming, organic farming, dairy farming, goat farming, poultry farming, fish farming and mushroom farming. 

Apart from his YouTube channel he also has an Instagram handle and a Facebook page. He has also posted his email ID on his YouTube channel to help farmers with specific queries. He has made videos on efficient irrigation systems, organic farming and shed building for multilayer farming. Apart from, there are also training videos on his channel dedicated specifically to organic farming. His channel is quite popular and famous. Farmers frequently post queries in the video comment section.

Youtube link:

20. Channel name: Farming tech

Run by-Mayur Patel

Videos Published: 265

Farming Tech is a YouTube channel run by Mayur Patel. He makes his videos on smart farming techniques which are based on his personal experiences. He videos are majorly on organic farming techniques along with information on different types of insecticides and fungicides. He maintains his own personal blog where he writes about his own experiences with farming, what mistakes he has made and how can his fellow farmers avoid them. 

Apart from YouTube, he has his own Instagram handle, a Facebook page and maintains his own blog. His most popular videos include information about copper oxychloride fungicide, mango bark grafting, waste decomposers and various pruning methods. His videos educate farmers about urea, NPK and DAP use. He uses simple language to communicate with the farmers and displays immense patience in all his videos. He has made over 265 videos till date. 

Youtube link:

Conclusion: Social media And Farming

Thus, we see that social media today has provided benefits to rural India. More and more farmers are becoming educated and learning about efficient farming. They are now aware of the market scenario and know how to reach out in case of any difficulties. This has also become a pathway for big brands to endorse products via the top YouTube influencers. Brands often promote their products through these high traction channels to reach out to rural audiences for their brand targeting. 

A whole new segment of the target audience who can be reached digitally through social media marketing has opened up which was not in the picture before. This has also paved the way for companies who offer strategic digital and rural marketing services along with innovative and strategic solutions. A whole new market has opened up with the onset of social media in the rural markets. Social media has proved to be a boon in the farming space and will continue to help millions in the coming years.



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