Regional Mediums Can Be Aligned For Devising Regional Campaign Strategies for Better Results in Rural Marketing

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Regional Mediums Can Be Aligned For Devising Regional Campaign Strategies for Better Results in Rural Marketing

India is a secular state with vast regional differences and that means that the type of audience will differ from place to place. The difference is not solely based on the change of vernacular but is rooted deep in the cultural and ethical differences that arise out of this change. The biggest example can be seen in a comparison of North and South India- the cities in North are known to materiality driven whereas the south stands out for its simplicity.


What does this mean for your business?

Regional differences do not always lead to a difference in basic needs of the customers; however, it does mean that their perception of that need might be varying. Therefore, the need for innovation in marketing strategy is required. The challenge that a marketer faces in this circumstances is that while the brand building activities should be consistent over time, they should also be flexible to incorporate such regional differences.


What is the solution?

“Regionalization and localization of marketing strategies”

After the mitigation of the fancy vocabulary, it simply means to adopt different marketing strategies for different regions, contrary to the globalization approach where a uniform approach is chosen. The theory advocates for the division of the market into smaller segments based on regional differences, these might be states, cities or provinces. This adds the much-needed spice to the marketing mix of an organization which is operating in different regions simultaneously.


Why promote regionalization?

It is essential that this approach should not be confused with price differentiation approach which is not being talked about here. It merely directs the choice of marketing strategy and focuses on the aptness of such choice in the respective segment so classified.

Some evidence that speaks in defense of the theory are given below:-

  • The needs of the customers can be taken care of beyond their differences and thus customer satisfaction can be achieved.
  • Regionalization ensures effectiveness and efficiency of the promotion techniques.
  • A good brand image is established and loyal customers can be retained.

How can regionalization be done without putting extra efforts?

There are many aspects to regionalization and localization of marketing strategies but the simplest one is the use of regional mediums to enhance the effect of national ones. The logic behind this choice is rather flawless; the majority of people will always prefer their mother tongue and a familiar environment. After all, nothing attracts more than comfort and ease.

There are about 22 languages in the Indian constitution, other than Hindi and English, and 11 other languages come into the category of prominent. This data only helps point out the need for use of regional mediums to make regional campaigns more successful. This selection should be made at the time of formulating the regional strategy and designing the campaign, communication with the target audience should be made in a language that they generally converse in and through a medium, they are used to.

For example, an English newspaper is a very effective for advertising in New Delhi but choosing the same medium in Orissa might prove to be ineffective. Even though these decisions seem very easy, they can turn around your dead-end regional marketing campaigns and blow a new life into them.

As per the marketing and advertising needs of your business, at times, you need to stop thinking global and start thinking regional.

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