Marketers Should Have Patience for Their Social Media Outcomes

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Marketers Should Have Patience for Their Social Media Outcomes

In a fast paced life of digitalization where most of the things are changing so rapidly, we being marketer become restless and want to do everything in haste. We don’t want to lose time to get in the bandwagon of social media marketing and try to get the business on digital as fast as we can to win over competitors or be ahead in the race. Its proven that social media marketing is a must for the business, which fulfills many objectives of the marketer like brand awareness, product awareness, reputation management and keeping the audience glued with the brand to grab their mind and wallet share.

Now the question comes, how should we go ahead with this? Its puzzling moment for any marketer or SME as budget also comes into the picture while deciding anything about social media. Whether social media mandate should be given to the agency or it should be done by hiring a freelancer to save the cost. Some of the people go a step ahead and settle on using their internal resources for the social media duties.

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Here at this juncture its very crucial time to think in favor of the company looking at many permutation and combinations whether or not we should settle with freelancers or internal resources for the important assignment like social media duties. It looks pricey to go with any social media agency initially looking at the budgetary part but we really distance ourselves to understand the consequential part of settling with so called cheap or economical options which are actually not in long run.

Time is money for us and we can’t afford to lose it by experimenting with freelancer and prolonging time by depending on internal resources who are primarily engaged with other more important tasks and responsibilities which they have to prioritize on the cost of your social media ambitious plan.

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So, it’s always advisable to see the right social media marketing agency with in-depth experience and talent having good business understanding to give you justification of your invested faith, energy and time. Now once the agency is engaged, its first and foremost job to take them on the same page by briefing and sharing the complete story about company, its products, ideology, future plans and business strategy so that they can align with your plan and make the right and aligned social media plan to meet your objectives.

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Now the time comes when you have to be patient enough to see things happening as germination will take time and nothing should be expected overnight. This will be really a puzzling time when we as marketer become restless and impatient to see the results quickly without giving much of the time for germination which takes time for getting on the stage of flowering and fruiting. But, yes keep an eye on the analytics report from your social media agency and be humble in responding to your complaints if pop up in social media listening. Ha.. ha.. ha..We will continue with our digital journey in the next blog with another very interesting topic.

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