Ways to Grab a Rural Pocket Share

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Ways to Grab a Rural Pocket Share

Countless headlines have been dedicated to the growth in rural markets and its potential; brands are warned against ignoring Rural India while the government rolls out policies with objectives to assist it. All said and done, in reality, brands still consider it a challenge to establish themselves in Rural India. Many brands struggle to see themselves making their way into the rural consumer’s heart but is it possible to be in India’s heart without winning over more than 60% of its population?

The answer is simple- No.

Therefore here are some advice that would help your company earns its due in the heart of the motherland.

Rural Marketing

Distribute the product before distributing the idea

Before anything else, a strategic decision regarding logistics should be made- Product distribution needs to be the focus. The logic of not marketing for a product that you cannot provide is flawless, imagine wasting time, energy and money to create demand for a market and not being able to deliver it. Something like that would not only create a bad name for the brand but also lead to a gradual decline in demand.

Hunt the treasure

Understanding the rural audience holds significance in the manner that it helps a brand to identify the target audience. This identification assists in better planning and preparation so that resources can be utilized and prioritized. Placing relevance to the correct set of customers can direct the brand’s strategy of a more suitable course of action.


Keep the treasure

Effective communication provokes emotion in consumers which is better for a stronger brand recall. To enable such communication, a relationship should be articulated with the customers that are full of trust and understanding.Successful companies concentrate on keeping the customers because retention keeps the demand of product alive. Forging a strong relationship with the customers helps with retaining them.

Unbreakable bonds

Never underestimate the power of a great reputation with a channel partner, Idea Cellular has proved this theory in India. Competition cannot
be avoided but it can be managed through a good strategy and strong relations. Building valuable partnerships and retaining them can open
doors to a successful future.

Change the way you go about it

Marketing in rural areas is very different than in rural areas because finding a direct channel to communicate with the customers is very difficult in rural areas. When a brand enters a new market, consumers might be wary of its arrival but if it is warranted by someone they are familiar with, the transition becomes easier. Engaging Influencers such as Sarpanchs, local leaders etc. can make a big change.


Leave it to the experts

Rural marketing shouldn’t be left to chance, involving rural marketing agencies can bring in the necessary element of success. Experience in the field and longer relationship with influencers, local authorities and customers can all play in the favor of the brand. Grabbing a substantial pocket share in the rural market can be achieved through careful observation and strategic planning.

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