Importance of Brand Visibility in Rural Markets for High Brand Recall and Pull

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Importance of Brand Visibility in Rural Markets for High Brand Recall and Pull

Few terms that need to be explained for us to comprehend the title of this article are a Brand recall and brand awareness.


Brand Recall

It is the test of the connectivity between the brand name and a respective product type, established by the society or the customers. Technically it is based on a customer’s ability to recognize the brand by a certain product. For example, when asked for homemade noodles, people associate it with Maggi.

Brand Visibility

It can be equated to the presence of brand between the customers and is considered one of the most powerful approaches to ultimately creating brand awareness among customers. Now that we are clear on the meaning, let us connect the dots between brand visibility and high brand recall.

Importance of Brand Visibility

In rural areas brand visibility is not an isolated concept, rather it integrates all the marketing efforts by the company to create brand awareness. It is not about a brand being visible but rather it is seen in the right light that creates a strong impact. The hard work put in by the company in advertising, promotion and maintains public relations, all leads to brand visibility. It is a common belief that a customer cannot choose your brand if they don’t know it and therefore brand awareness becomes the most important requirement.

However, there are more advantages to brand visibility than creating brand awareness and facilitating marketing strategy of the company.

The Dotted Line

Brand recall depends completely on how the brand is built and how the customers perceive your brand. As it has been explained time and again that profits are built through products and brands through emotion, it is significant to evoke the right emotion in the audience for this perception to be desirable.

The attention and the right emotional response create the impact needed to kick-start any branding activity. When the customers start to see the brand as a part of their life, they start remembering it as a substitute to remembering the product. It is this unaided recall that creates a brand distinction in the common marketplace.


The Start of the Process

To achieve the end rust of brand recall, the first and foremost necessity is brand visibility. The “more you see, the more you remember” has proven to be right in marketing as studies show that people remember almost 30% of what they see.

The perfect example for this is Coca-Cola and Pepsi, they are the name and face of a carbonated non-alcoholic drink, the brand recall is so strong that many may not even be able to explain a carbonated drink without using the words Coca-Cola and Pepsi.


Why important in Rural Area?

For a substantial amount of time, many brands have been secluded from the rural areas and thus for them to achieve their targets, brand recall becomes essential but how to achieve it?

Given the psyche of customers in these areas, better visibility assists in improving the reputation of the company and give it the competitive edge it so requires.

The more they see a brand, the more they believe in its power. The fact that it is right in the center of attention instills a sense of trust within them and they start reacting to it. This reaction ensures their remembrance of the brand and the product.

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