Rural hoarding plays effective role in communicating brand message in media dark villages

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Rural hoarding plays effective role in communicating brand message in media dark villages

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While we advocate the benefits of adopting digital marketing and aiming our resources towards using the effective method is promotion, marketers especially for darker areas raise their eyebrows. Why?

The fact that 400 million people residing in rural India are forced to live without electricity should be a subtle hint. The basic requirement of digital marketing includes certain resources such as internet and electronic devices that are considered beyond luxurious in these areas.

Moreover, even conventional mediums such as television advertising or print media have not proved very effective due to these constraints, nor has radio, which tends to do the trick in backward and under developed areas.

The point of Doubt

The point of Doubt

These challenges cannot be warded off casually and put in the column with other hurdles of the race, if not taken care of they might turn out to be the red ribbon. The big question, at this junction is, are these markets untouchable or does their sale need to depend on the product and its destiny?

The correct answer is neither as these areas house approximately 35% of the total population of India and to ignore them can be a deadly mistake at the part of the marketer and the brand. Certain brands, especially regional ones depend on small towns and rural areas for their sales, their products are made to fulfill the needs of rural people. In this case, leaving out a large chunk from the preferred target audience may lead to heavy losses and lack of exposure.

The road that was forgotten

The road that was forgotten

In fashion, trends jump time loops and come back every few years, like polka dots and peplum is back from 1960s to make headline in 2015. The same way, rural marketing agencies need to think back to the time when resources were scarce and some even nonexistence. The answers lie in those times, how to get reach and visibility without dependence on electricity and technology?


Building a temporary board erected on a building or poles, big enough to attract the attention of passerby and attractive enough to ensure a second look.

Benefits of using hoarding for advertising in media dark rural areas

Benefits of using hoarding for advertising in media dark rural areas

First and foremost, a hoarding gives you an opportunity in areas where other mediums might have been rendered useless due to lack of resources. However, it is not only reason for using a hoarding as a marketing tool, here are some other reasons that prove hoarding plays an effective role in communication in media dark villages:-

  • Brand Visibility & Exposure

The size of the hoarding is sure to attract the audience and by use of engaging content, their attention can be retained easily. Another advantage to a hoarding is that people often revisit these places on a daily basis that means they are sure to look at the product multiple time, which helps with recognition of the brand.

  • Faster Communication

Hoardings are like telegrams, the message is clear, precise and to the point, this helps communication to be efficient and faster.

  • Emphasis on product

The limited space should be seen as a plus rather than a problem, the lack of ideal space to fill means that all the focus will be on the product and the brand can be highlighted in a subtle way as well. This also makes marking their connection in the customer’s mind easier.


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