Nukkad show has been proven traditional art form for dramatic and effective communication in rural markets

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Nukkad show has been proven traditional art form for dramatic and effective communication in rural markets

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Why do we indulge

Why do we indulge in marketing?

The primary purpose of marketing and advertising, doesn’t matter through what medium executed is promotion of the product and improving awareness of the brand. This depends largely on communication of the information pertaining to the respective product or brand.

In case of rural marketing, this is where the hurdle appears, the transportation of this message is not as smooth as in urban areas. The fact that the target audience is so varied and so are their needs and preferences, has a substantial impact on the effectiveness of the rural marketing campaign.

The problem and the solution

The problem and the solution

Usually, the approach taken in urban areas prove to be ineffective in rural areas. As a result, the information is not successfully distributed among the target audience, rendering the branding activities futile.
The best way to remedy such situation is to bring in creative alternatives to the conventional mediums of rural marketing.

The birth of the art

“One fine day, a rural marketer left his office- tired and restless, when asked the reason; he shrugged and sank into thought. At this point, he decided to take a walk home. Suddenly, he found refuge in the serenity of age-old entertainment of a street drama aka Nukkad Natak. While the actors fiercely talking about issues such as domestic violence, environment etc and the audience sprang into applaud. It occurred to him, could this be a feasible way to get the attention of his rural audience? Could this work where other ways were failing?”

And we saw the edutainment change from there…

Nukkad Natak

Use of Nukkad Natak for communication for rural marketing campaigns

Nukkad Natak is a form of art play whereas the actors perform on a street with the live audience. Even though street plays have been around for centuries, their use in marketing has been established fairly recently.

The concept is rather simple and entails the use of a street play/ Nukkad Natak where the actors convey the information about the product or brand for the purposes of promotion. The same can be used as a prelude to other activities or individually with print support.

Use of Nukkad Natak for communication for rural marketing campaigns

Advantages of using Nukkad Natak for communication in rural areas

  • Entertainment sells

Convincing a potential customer to attend an evening of dance and music is always easier than to convince them to attend a sit-down information exchange.
Why? because leisure is more attractive than work.
Therefore, it is easier to attract the audience and ensure attendance through Nukkad Natak.

  • Effective communication

Retaining the initial interest of audience is a significant factor to the success of a rural marketing campaign and the refreshing pattern of giving necessary information assists in doing just that.

  • Higher brand recall

Answer a simple question, would you remember a brand that whose pamphlet you saw or the one who explained you their product or service through a performance of street plays?
The answer is enough to comprehend the relationship between use of Nukkad Natak and higher brand recall.

  • Support through word of mouth

It is human nature to appreciate something different than ordinary and it is only natural that such efforts are shared among groups. Nukkad Natak can make your brand topic of discussion for the evening in many different groups and increase reach as well as awareness.

  • Assists in social media marketing

If you believe in social media marketing or video marketing, think how much it would help associating Nukkad Natak to them?

A video made with the objective of selling might be ignored by many customers but simultaneously the one whose content is an entertaining street play may get their attention.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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