Why is Mobile Marketing in India Important for your Business?

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Mobile Marketing in India Important for your Business

Why is Mobile Marketing in India Important for your Business?

The mobile era has already begun, and mobile marketing in India is the way of the future. Start implementing mobile marketing strategies if you haven’t already because you’re falling behind the businesses already doing so. 

What is Mobile Marketing?

Mobile Marketing

The practice of marketing your business to people who use mobile devices is known as mobile marketing. When done right, mobile marketing in India provides consumers or potential customers with tailored, time and location-sensitive information via smartphones, allowing them to get exactly what they need, when they need it, even while on the go.

Interesting Statistics of Mobile Marketing In India 

Mobile Marketing In India 
  • The mobile’s share in India’s digital media spending has increased to 76 percent in FY21 from 45 percent in FY19, expanding at a compounded annual growth rate of 45% to $1.9 billion.
  • According to Ericsson mobility report 2021, Indians utilized 14.6 GB of data per smartphone per month on average, which is anticipated to increase in the next five years.
  • According to a statistic issued by ad-tech firm InMobi, India accounted for around 14% of the 218 billion global app installs in 2020.

According to Datareportal

  • There were 1.10 billion mobile connections in India in January 2021.
  • India’s number of mobile connections increased by 23 million (+2.1%) between January 2020 and January 2021.
  • In January 2021, India’s mobile connections accounted for 79 percent of the country’s entire population.

As you see the current and expected statistics, we expect the trend to continue. Hence, mobile is here to stay, and it’s time to get going.

Importance of Mobile Marketing in India

Users increasingly prefer to have access to anything on the internet on their mobile devices. This means that businesses all across India must adjust and, above all, make their marketing flexible. Many brands around India are aiming to have a mobile marketing plan in place, and this is due to the reasons stated below- 

Indians are looking at their mobile screens more than ever

According to a recent Vivo report, average smartphone usage increased 11 percent to 5.5 hours in March 2020 (pre-COVID) from about 4.9 hours on average in 2019. According to the report titled “Smartphones and their Impact on Human Relationships 2020,” this has increased by another 25% to 6.9 hours beginning in April (post-COVID).

mobile marketing in India

Because people check their phones every hour, mobile marketing in India is essential for businesses. It has also evolved into the primary channel through which marketers can communicate with their customers at any time of the day and night. Thanks to mobile marketing, marketers can communicate with their customers whenever they want. Mobile marketing agencies in India can help you with support, product information, complaints, and purchasing.

Mobile Marketing Is Personal 

Businesses and marketers are always looking for new methods to get closer to their customers. Still, it may be difficult to overcome those gaps, especially when working behind a computer screen. 

Mobile Marketing Is Personal 

Mobile gadgets, on the other hand, are unique. Marketers do not obtain the same effect with any other forms of media since mobile phones are things that consumers carry with them all the time. Because it allows marketers to get closer to their customers, mobile marketing is a personalized form of marketing. 

A tailored approach to mobile marketing can go a long way toward converting spectators into paying customers.

Mobile Marketing to target Indian shoppers in stores

Marketers and Mobile marketing agencies in India should not underestimate the effectiveness of mobile marketing in physical stores. 

Mobile marketing agencies in India

Some customers will use their mobile phones after entering the stores to conduct product research. They would continue to compare the pricing of various brands and products while clutching their smartphones. Retailers should think about how they can incorporate in-store experiences and boost customer engagement while they’re there. For retailers, mobile advertisements can be an excellent place to start.

Mobile Marketing Reaches A Broader Market

Smartphones are becoming more widely used communication devices among people of all ages. In response to consumer demand, manufacturers are designing mobile devices that are faster, more powerful, and less priced. 

Broader Market

Because of these advances, mobile marketing companies in India now have a fantastic opportunity to get their client’s marketing messages into the hands of their customers, and mobile allows them to reach a far larger audience.

Wrapping Up

Whether you’re an Indian startup or an established company, mobile marketing can help you reach new heights. Mobile marketing in India will allow you to contact your target audience quickly and effectively, regardless of what industry you’re in. 

Written by – Kirti

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  1. Very clearly explained about the importance of   MOBILE MARKETING  in the present trend because every one are using mobiles and can directly interact with the needed customer. This is a both ways profit. The article is filled with useful information about mobile marketing and would recommend anyone to go through this.

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