Introductory Video is a Must for All Types of Companies

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Introductory Video must for all type of companies

Introductory Video is a Must for All Types of Companies

There is a lot that is said about first impressions and very less about how to make them lasting. In the world of excess, companies often face the blow of the wind and fail to retain the customer’s attention span for the required amount of time.

 They come as they go, or they stay and then they go. The market is more than often flooded with new entrants trying to get on the bandwagon. Standing up in this clutter is a sector agnostic challenge faced by every type of company. The first question to be raised which designing a digital strategy is directed towards answering the approach to be taken while going to market.


A common observation states that when welcoming new customers on board, what has proven to be most useful is video marketing. It is simply easier to communicate the brand’s value and the product that would deliver it through an audio visual. It does not ask for efforts from the audience but rather entertains them, so much so that 59% people admit to choosing a video over text online.

This theory demonstrates the power of a video in content marketing; it also leads us towards the idea of an introductory video. Instead of writing down your vision and mission with an extensive product list; show the world what you have to offer through a short video.

This gives them a reason to dig in and enjoy while it gives the company a chance to connect with them, the audience is always hungry for good content, give it that and it will keep coming back. Marketing on Facebook becomes more interesting with a good video to kick-start the campaign.

The beauty of a good intro video is that it never ceases to be useful after the company grows; it is still relevant as it expands.


Here are two contradicting examples to help you understand what we mean.

Snapchat – An established company that needs no introductions. This giant beautifully speaks to its audiences about what’s in store for them.

iGreet Application – Even though we might have never heard of this app and probably might never use it, the aesthetics of the video tingles the curious teddy inside of us.

A good video can open doors for companies that might otherwise remain closed in the digital world, they can also act as a powerful tool for attracting potential customers. However, an introduction video is also synonymous with the brand, it should speak the brand’s language and it should breathe the brand’s message. There are better chances to achieve these results by using the help of an experienced creative agency rather than winging it without proper guidance.

After all, impressions count.

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