How does Influencer marketing work?

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How does Influencer marketing work?

Key individuals are identified, ranked according to the significance of influence and marketing activities are planned around the field of their influence in order to penetrate the market. Brands incorporate themselves in the original content created by the influencer or integrate their value with the work done by them or their social lives.

Instances, where brands have used the power that the correct amount of influence exudes, are plenty but let us look at some well-known cases to grasp the concept better.

Everyone that has ever been on Instagram, is aware of how the fashion industry has climbed the ladder of success with the help of social media companies in India. With brands such as Zivame, Pretty secrets, Only pioneering the use of bloggers and  E-commerce marketplaces such as Myntra using the Look good campaign; there is no doubt that influencer marketing is a winner.

Another surprising entry to the list of brands who have turned it around using influencer groups is that of Fair and Lovely, a brand that was facing major criticism in recent times. They have roped in beauty gurus to reflect positively on the brand. This group of young women, through videos and text, speak about communication skills and work ethic.

The result?

Their fans have started looking at the brand in a newer light and starting to forget the negativity that filled their minds when female stand-up comedians made videos targeting the brand directly.

Example of Offline Influencer or Reference groups is travel groups, medical practitioner’s forum and entrepreneur’s association. The influence of these groups can be leveraged to sell products among their peers and their customer base as well. It is a symbiotic relationship where the Influencer group is not just helping a brand market but rather doing it as a part of their regular business.

The best supporting actor award goes to- Influencer Groups!

Influencer Marketing

Better Reach

Given its reach, it is a cost-effective way of attaining market penetration as compared to other glorified methods of marketing.

Influencer Marketing

The Trust Factor

A consumer is more likely to believe a claim made by a third party, especially a fellow consumer rather than the brand.

No Carefully Curated Content

Even though content development and content management are essential to the success of a brand, original content coming from an Influencer will always have the greater impact among the target group.

Influencer Marketing

Human Sees, Human Do

Much like our ancestors, we have a habit of following dreams, rules, and people. It may be fictional characters from movies or TV, it may be a socialite, a sportsperson, an academician or even a social media star.

Influencer groups are playing a very important role in Brand penetration by silently causing shifts in lifestyles and choices of millions of consumers.

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