How Digital Marketing is an Investment and Not an Expense?

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How Digital Marketing is an Investment and Not an Expense?

Digital marketing is an intelligent and smart tool to invest for expanding your business; however, a lot of people look at it as an expense. By doing so, they miss the entire point.

The following piece will help you in developing a better understanding in an ideal perspective view:

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Why you should not take Digital Marketing as an expense?

1. Wrong approach to look at Business

Digital marketing is the neo-generation strategy, an essential tool for business success. You are going against the established digital trend which clears implies that you do not know where to put your money to grow your business. In a business operating environment, this type of fundamentally wrong approach will turn out to be highly unsustainable.

2. You will reap what you sow

If digital marketing operations are viewed as an expense, then decisions are based not on a growth perspective but rather on a survival perspective and that way you will not be able to tap the true potential of Digital Marketing to transform your business. Digital marketing must be valued as an invaluable asset and cost-consciousness will not let you look beyond a cheap price. You will have to watch the difference!

3. Delay will cost you fortune

With more and more business ventures taking the cyber route to make money, Digital Marketing industry is entering a new landscape every day. It is almost inevitable that your business will need an investment in digital marketing soon, then it won’t be sensible to delay the inevitable.

4. Your competitors will outshine you

Competition is a part of the game. Business in the Digital era has never been so vicious, and if you’re not doing digital marketing correctly, your next-door competitor will make your life miserable by eating your lunch. You will have to be digitally creative and innovative to beat your competitor and to survive in a highly competitive business environment.

5. You will miss the train

In a face paced world of emerging technologies and disruptive innovations, it is only digital marketing that will keep you in the race of business. If you don’t invest now, you will have to be content with leftovers tomorrow.

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Why you should take Digital Marketing as an investment?

1. Measurable ROI

The key to any successful marketing strategy is to measure the results of the campaign to identify trends and ROI. When it comes to investing in Digital Marketing, the best advantage lies in the feasibility of aligning it to the overall firm performance with Return of Investment (ROI). The best part is that you can calculate the budget wise ROI for each of the various marketing channels by using Analytics tool.

2. Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

There is lot of talk about conversion; however, it is only the intelligent marketers who are actually aware that conversion is a marketing tactic that inspires customers (actual or potential) to take a specific, desired action. Conversion Rate Optimization is the most crucial element of Digital Marketing wherein all the sales funnels and traffic generating channels are analyzed thoroughly to strategize a plan to increase conversions.

3. Business Reputation

Since the reputation of a business is essential for its success, how you view your digital marketing strategies can play a vital role in building a strong reputation of your business. By investing in digital marketing, you will be active (and relevant too) on social media channels that enhances your visibility that can further be leveraged as an indication of reputation. Your customer centric approach plays a greater role in your brand building and enhances your business reputation too.

4. Emotional Quotient

Digital marketing is about connecting, communicating to people and strengthening relationships with them. It defines a path where people get closely associated with your business as you make them feel, think and act. All of this requires investing lot of emotions into your thought process of which expense cannot be made an attribute.

5. Business Intelligence

Digital marketing is using customer-centric business intelligence to develop greater insights on business development, to identify new sales platforms and to optimize new market opportunities. Business intelligence is vital for the success of your business and you can easily implement it by investing in Digital Marketing.


Marketing is all about engaging, forming and developing a relationship with your Target Audience. Digital Marketing is a step further. It is a Revolution and the only way to be a part is by investing in it, rather than throwing it in a dustbin of cost-cutting.

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