Haats can be used as effective touch points in rural areas

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Haats can be used as effective touch points in rural areas

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What is a Haat Market

What is a Haat Market?

The flea markets people so often enjoy in urban areas these days were adopted from their rural counterpart and famous cousin- Haat. These are markets organized on a regular basis in rural areas and small towns where people from village and nearby places put up temporary shops to sell their produce.

Haats have not lost their charm and still attract a lot of crowd in the rural areas, in fact, it has only grown in size and volume. More buyers are making their way to these transient markets and sellers depend on them for their needs.

The Ulterior Use of Haats

The Ulterior Use of Haats

When you read the above passage, you picture a lively space with lots of carts and sellers showcasing their products in a humble background. People roaming around with shopping bags in their hands while children enjoy the occasional snack.

Yes, a haat is a lot like a modern day flea market in the mall organized in a city.

But, there is something you should be able to see that goes beyond the obvious colors in the palette. Ask rural marketing agency, you should see potential for a touch point.
Some features of this market that are noteworthy:-

  • Large assembly of potential customers

Since the haat is an age old happening, which ensures a large number of visitors that come to the market. This crowd gives opportunity for marketing of the product and provides necessary coverage to the brand.

The haat serves various products like vegetables, spices, cleaning products etc. and therefore increasing the prospect of the brand to blend in the market technically while still standing out in presentation.

  • Input and output

The haat has a lot of attractions but the most prominent one are the products, people come with the mindset to buy in these markets. This state of mind makes them more perceptive and open to being participating in interactive activities or promotional events.

Many of these customers are eager to have their problems as well as their feedback recorded which can be a way to engage and introduce them to the brand.

  • The right frequency

Haats are not a permanent establishment, rather they are a weekly one. This gives them the perfect amount of coverage, not too much and not too less. This is not a forceful repetition but at the same time it gives enough element of recall to the brand.

  • Low cost and higher benefits

Haats are planned without considering the advertising spaces and marketing opportunities it provides, this means that when approached the same would be available for a lesser amount than other spaces with the same crowd and coverage.

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What does this mean?

A simple read of the above reminds you of every feature you look for in a counter to approach and interact with potential customers and hence Haats prove to be an effective one.

Even though this is a new way of looking it, it surely is a refreshing way to look at touch points in rural areas.


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