Explainer Videos Are Perfect Medium for Complex Products & Processes

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Explainer Videos Are Perfect Medium for Complex Products & Processes

If you try to sell a lock without a key, you are destined to fail. Similarly, trying to sell a product without providing its use is a futile attempt, especially when sales are done digitally with the buyers not having supplemental assistance. Most brands boast about their product uniqueness, but that USP might become a liability at breakneck speed if the features are not demonstrated properly.

That is where video marketing provides a way out-explainer videos that detail the features and use of the product including a brief introduction of the brand are an apt answer to any question a new buyer could have in hindsight. Since half of the buyers research the product before purchasing, these videos can be used to positively influence their decision-making process.

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The inherent duty of a business is to make a successful sale, for which an explainer video helps fulfill the need. Many businesses have reported the increase in sales after using videos as a part of their content marketing strategy. The onlookers are 1.81 times more likely to make a purchase after watching an explainer video than other illustrative techniques. Videos are known to entice the viewer provided their ability to deliver the message in a succinct manner. According to a research done by Forrester, a one minute video is said to be equivalent to 1.8 million words.

An explainer video also assists in the higher brand recall since visuals help in retaining almost 55% more information for a longer period of time.


Moreover, audiences are most likely to be more accepting towards explainer videos given that:

  • They are not complicated and do not require any efforts.

Videos do not require the viewer to perform any task but to just watch and stay entertained.

  • They do not eat up a lot of time.

Everyone is busy and in a hurry. A video gives them an opportunity to apprehend without having to actually read up.

  • Information given in the video is what they seek actively.

A lot of content is often thrown at the viewer but an explainer video is something they are actually looking for.

This makes an explainer video a go-to for social media marketing but they do run the risk of pushing away substantial customers. If the content of substandard quality and not well-designed, it might influence the buyer’s decision in a negative manner. Therefore, it is important to present the brand and the product to start a journey of a company-customer relationship with the absolute industry experts. A creative digital agency is probably the best bet to crack the code of explainer videos.

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