E-Mail Marketing Is Still Untapped As the Most Successful Personalized Medium

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E-Mail Marketing Is Still Untapped As the Most Successful Personalized Medium

Gone are the days of one-size-fits-all kind of emails.With digital media evolving on a daily basis,people want to avail personalized services. Modern consumers on digital platforms demand relevant and personalized content with a better user experience. Who doesn’t want a simple yet seamless way to interact with a brand? Hence, customer-focus changes are very necessary to thrive in the digital world. Digital customer engagement and social media communications related to their lifestyle experience are critical.

To meet these customer demands, marketers must strive to leverage the most from personalized customer experiences that are focused on 1:1 interactions. Targeted personalization helps in creating the right impression and a solid brand image by integrating key components of business offerings. Moreover, personalized e-mailing shows the importance of digital connectivity.

A marketer who fails to understand the power of personalization usually misses out on opportunities to make a positive relationship with customers.

Online Customer

Trends That Reshape the Online Customer Experience

To adopt the practice of providing personalized services to the customers, marketers need dynamic content – not just for e-mail marketing but for all of their digital efforts. It starts with vernacular content that is focused on customer persona based on behavioral data.

What exactly is personalization when it comes to email marketing? It is simple! Personalized emails are all about targeting a campaign to a specific subscriber by making the best use of data and information about their interests and expectations. (Refer our buyer persona blog to know how to gather customer’s critical information). Emails with personalized subject lines and content are 26% most likely to be opened by the reader as compared to bulk emailing with rich lengthy content.

For an instance, think about your own preferences…Would you respond to a personalized email constituting materialthat you’ve been genuinely looking for or a bulk email with generic, vague info which has been sent to thousand others, just like you? On clicking the former, you will certainly feel that the content complements with your needs and the marketer has worked hard on understanding your preferences, likes, and concerns.


  • Personalized emailsboost online click-through rates by an average of 14% and conversions by almost 10%. 
  • Personalized emailing with a subject line that includes customer’s name are 26% more likely to be entertained.
  • More than 74% of marketers believe that customer targeted email marketing helps in increasing business-customer engagement.

Using Customer Data to Personalize Your Emails


Collecting Insights

There is a very thin line between personalization and interference; a wrong move can get you unsubscribed in a minute.As a marketer, you will never want to face this situation. Along with your customers’ name and location, it is important to know other details of their birthday, favorite color and things they care about. It helps you to frame your emails based on an empathy map.

For e.g. if you send a personalized birthday wish, the customer would really appreciate your effort and the next time when he/she is making a purchase, you will be on the top of their priority list.

Doing It Right

Doing it right

Now that you have gathered the insights, as a marketer it is your lookout to keep a vigil on your content. Again, one mistake and you’re unsubscribed (or even reported as a spam). Nobody will appreciate that their name is spelt incorrectly and be wished on a wrong date.So, make sure you have the right customer details before you push the emails in their inbox. Moreover, if your customer lives in a different country then you will have to automate your email based on the time zone of their geography. For that reason, whatever you are sending in your email, ascertain that it is logical, looks personal and is aesthetically pleasing to the readers’ eyes.


Personalize your design too!

When it comes to personalized emails, don’t just focus on customer-specific content, remember to eye on the design. This becomes easier when you understand their preferences and choices. Suppose your customer is a reading enthusiast, having elements like books and stationery in your email template will create a notable impact. Do you recall us discussing above that it is good to know your customer’s favorite color? Now you would know why! You can use the same insight here and give a unique touch to your emails.

To sum up, as a marketer you must accept new chances and choose something simple yet effective to see how your customers respond. You won’t know what works in your favor unless you are trying the right mix of email marketing tactics. Personalized emails spark positive feelings among readers about a brand.Of course, it is a bit of hard work at first but as you master the art of email campaigning, the payoff is definitely worth the chase.

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