Digital Marketing – An Open Door in the Lockdown Period

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Digital Marketing – An Open Door in the Lockdown Period

In this era of paperless communication, advertising, marketing, branding all need spiking strategies. As per the statistics, there are around 4.54 billion Active Internet Users in the world. With over 560 million internet users, India is the second largest online market in the world. Today there counts 4 basic necessities for survival namely- Roti, Kapda, Makaan aur Internet.

People are so habitual of the online world in their day to day lives that it has exaggerated and eased the mediums of communication. These internet fans create a huge base of potential customers for all types of business areas and sectors. With people generally spending an average of 3 hours and 15 minutes on their phones every day, online marketing and advertising has become the most result-oriented department for running a successful business.

Online platforms are used to attract, engage and delight customers thereby creating brand awareness, managing brand identity and also converting viewers to potential clients. Marketing is all about building connections in the right place at the right time. So meet your customers where they are and for long, yes, on the internet.

The Lockdown

The present scenario witnesses worldwide lockdowns due to the horrifying impact of COVID-19. India also sees a 21 day lockdown imposed from 25th March 2020 followed by lockdown 2.0 till 3rd May. Apart from the health hazards this Covid brought to the public, it has ruined the fiscal sectors as well. Economists see it as an upcoming recession. With people losing jobs, businesses making losses, cash flow hurdled and many more consequences of the world being hit by Corona Virus, it is a tough time for everyone.

The lockdown announced by the Hon’ble PM of India is a proactive approach and is truly commendable for humanity. Citizens are jumbled and feel lost for what is going to happen next. Special effects can be seen on every business. Lockdown and social distancing is the only way to fight corona and hence people have to bear the consequences.

On a positive note, we should remember that this time will surely come to an end. We have to keep patience and be calm. But what about the businesses and the losses? While you are isolated you are safe but is your business also safe? Isn’t there any way to keep the business alive?

The answer is- Digital Marketing!


There are so many relief measures for the poor but for businesses, owners will only have to plan out their best. It is an examination of all entrepreneurial minds to keep calm and focus on revising the advertising strategies to maintain their brands in the market.

Yes, the businesses are shut but not our aim, aspirations and objectives. This is just to be treated as a slowdown and everything will again retain its pace. What is needed is presence of mind and a good timed strategy.

There are around 3 billion social media users globally. These homestays are mostly spent online. Though social distancing is followed, but social media connections keep us involved, updated and alive. Hence clutch this time to gear up your brand advertising. Let people feel your presence online and turn into your potential customers.

74% of global marketers invest in social media marketing. Being active for and with your brand on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and many more, lets you earn your brand fans.  Various methods like social engagements, content marketing, video marketing and various different routes are there in digital marketing, which make the pathway to a successful business. It is on us to choose from the wide packages and give a sure shot boom to the business.

Plan out the best media strategy for your target groups with professionals and experts in digital marketing to make the most of your money. This is the best time to invest in advertising and marketing for your brand so that maximum customers can get to know you.

How Ascent can let your business Ascend!

Ascent Brand Communications Pvt. Ltd. proves to be a crackerjack team, which is efficiently experienced in the field of Strategic Digital Marketing. Being experts in strategizing marketing and branding plans for your business, our team work reflects the success stories of our clients.

Big or small all and every business should have an online presence these days. Planning it out in a rough and individual level won’t give you the returns what an experienced team can furnish. Hence it is of prime importance to choose a trustworthy and genuine digital marketing firm. Yes, Ascent is not the only one, but surely the one who derives strategies from the grass root and give your business organic hype. Have a glimpse of our work style and clientele on

The lockdown period should be utilized actively and smartly to plan a blueprint for your business for the entire year. Remember, it is a lockdown of the market and not our brains. Reenergize, reactivate and render a surprising hike to your businesses.

Time once gone can never come back! So make the most out of this isolation and gift yourself a new you who is informed, active and ready for opening the door to success. Digital Marketing and Branding is wide world in itself that need to be conquered through apt planning and groundwork.

Make a note that there were times when the funda worked –‘Jo Dikhta hei Wo Bikta hei’. Yes it works still, but for online media it has evolved into- ‘Jo Jyada Dikhta hei Wo Jyada Bikta hei’

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