Cinema Branding Could Be the Best Medium in Small Town to Target Rural People for Brand Message and Engagement

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Cinema Branding Could Be the Best Medium in Small Town to Target Rural People for Brand Message and Engagement

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Cinema can be explained as a 360-degree marketing environment, where placement opportunities are numerous. The easiest form of advertising through cinema is capturing the ideal screen space before the movie starts and also during the interval.

The best example for cinema branding is done by Vicco Group of Companies in the early 2000s; almost everyone in the theatre had a reaction to Vicco Vajradanti. They created a brand by targeting the best and the average cinema theatres alike as touch-points, where their print ads ran for years. At a point of time, their jingle was stuck in moviegoers’ minds and people even started singing along.

Cinema advertising has grown at a CAGR of 11% in the last five years and it is predicted to grow further in the next five years. Entertainment remains to be a necessity to everyone even today and thus tapping that to find a way to warm the hearts of the audience has proven effective. It is known to be most suited for smaller towns and rural areas due to the fact that cinema advertising has been the lowest avoidance medium. However, there are many more advantages to it than that.

Advantages of Cinema Branding in small towns and rural areas:

create Brand Awareness

Brand Awareness

One of the noteworthy things about cinema branding is the great reach it provides, every show has hundreds of people and there are multiple shows in one day. This can mean thousands of audiences can be reached in a day and thus brand awareness becomes the biggest benefit of cinema branding.

Diversified audience

The spread provides the unique advantage of having a segmented audience without putting in many efforts. Every moviegoer cannot be defined in the same category and they often differ in age, gender, socioeconomic background etc. This diversification, if targeted through any other medium has to be executed very carefully and requires a lot of efforts during implementation but through cinema branding, the same can be done without breaking a sweat.



Few other advantages unique to this medium when compared with others such as TV, radio etc. relate to the audience’s behavior. When seated in a movie theatre, they are relaxed and their undivided attention is towards the screen, which is very difficult to achieve otherwise. The relaxed mood leads to better engagement while the undivided attention ensures that the message is being conveyed to the audience. This makes cinema branding more effective than other means of advertising as discussed above.

Environmental factors

A cinema hall has the benefit of a surround sound system, dim lighting, and perfect visuals. The theatre ad when compared to TV or Radio captures the audiences completely and thus has a better impact because of the availability of better and more elements of entertainment. The environment adds a lot of superficial value to a visual ad by giving it the required oomph.

Cost Benefit

Cost Benefit

Even though cinema branding cannot be listed as a low-cost advertising solution, its worth can surely be estimated. The volume of reach and the impact is definitely an effective way of communication for product/service promotion.


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