After English, Hindi is Second-Most Utilized ‘Assistant’ Language Globally, Says Google

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After English, Hindi is Second-Most Utilized ‘Assistant’ Language Globally, Says Google


The USA technology giant, Google reported that after English, now Hindi is the second most utilized language on its AI-powered Google Assistant.

Following it, the Google Vice President, Product Management, Manuel Bronstein stated that “After launching the Google Assistant in India almost two years ago, we have facilitated Hindi and eight other Indic languages through our products. He further added that his team is thrilled to share the news that Hindi has turned to be the second most used Assistant language on the global basis after English across many other sorts of devices in India which are coming soon”.

Google Assistant accessible in Hindi on all Android TVs

As per further reports, Google, which has been working on enabling of Indic languages across its different technology products, stated it would soon make Google Assistant accessible in Hindi on all Android TVs. The significant reason behind this move is that Google has observed an enormous uptake in the number of Hindi language users on its diverse platforms.

Enabling the Hindi language in the Google Assistant

Google also declared on 19th September 2019 that the users can now choose the Hindi language in the Assistant by saying, “Hey Google, talk to me in Hindi” to initiate utilizing the Google Assistant, without requiring to explore the settings.

India using the power of voice

Indians have been using voice for information searching and many other such tasks. Also, last year, Google had stated that its voice-based Assistant had received around 4.5 lakh wedding proposals in India.

Use of vernacular languages

Both Google and Amazon are relying on vernacular languages, as reports suggested that around 90 % of new internet users in India are speaking native languages.Google even stated that its products are offered in 30+ languages across 80 countries.

This makes it crucial for these tech giants to deliver superior experiences in local languages across India that are observing strong growth in internet usage and the use of advanced connected devices.

Facilitating content in other local languages

Besides Hindi and English, consumers will also be able to find content in languages such as Marathi, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, Kannada, and Gujarati. Google has also set up a revitalized design for Google Search in India that will emphasize queries in local languages.

Vernacular languages

The search giant even pronounced that interpreter mode will be facilitated to the Google Assistant on Android as well as Android Go phones in the coming time, which will help in translating one language to the other, assisting in unlocking more applicable information and content for increasing users in India.

Key Takeaways

For many Indians, voice is progressively becoming their ideal way to search, and Hindi has turned to be the second-most used Assistant language world-wide. Further, this particular feature will be available on all Android, Android Go, and KaiOs devices.

Even Amazon recently declared that Indian users can now converse to its voice assistant Alexa in the Hindi language to carry out activities such as checking cricket scores, requesting music and other stuff.

So, with more organizations bringing local Indian languages to their product platforms, in a few years, virtual Assistants won’t be restricted to major languages only. These products will be more effective as technology can reach out to more and more people across the country.

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