6 Mobile Marketing Trends to Watch Out in 2022

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Mobile Marketing Trends to Watch Out in 2022

6 Mobile Marketing Trends to Watch Out in 2022

Today is the age of smartphones, and mobile marketing and advertising are the new norms for businesses worldwide. Everyone wants to know what the hottest new mobile marketing trends are so that they can begin implementing them.

Mobile Marketing Strategy for Success

In July 2019, Google began indexing mobile-first websites, signaling a significant shift in how businesses approach marketing. Mobile marketing has changed the way people interact with businesses in the last few years. 

This type of marketing is responsible for reaching millions of people, increasing product demand, interacting and communicating with customers in real-time, establishing a brand image, etc. Furthermore, mobile marketing is less expensive, more tailored, has a higher viral potential, and yields a higher return on investment.

Our smartphones have become indispensable in our life, whether for shopping, leisure, or work management. Most people, unsurprisingly, prefer to browse on their mobile devices, and studies show that this trend will only continue to rise. 

Importance of Mobile App Marketing Cannot Be Overlooked

You’ll need more than a mobile-friendly website to capture smartphone users’ attention genuinely. You’ll require a smartphone app. In this part of the country, the competition is fierce. You’ll need to stand out amid thousands of other apps to thrive. 

The importance of app marketing for mobile devices should not be overlooked. Mobile apps must be appropriately advertised to reach a larger audience as the world advances. To explain why mobile app marketing is so important, it simply assists companies and developers in determining what their users want and then developing an app to match those needs.

6 Trends in Mobile Marketing

The following is a list of the top mobile marketing trends for 2022 –

Personalization Is More Important than Ever

You must be a mobile phone user. How many advertisements do you see each day? Isn’t it at least dozens?

A few ads are relevant to your needs, while others are not.

Relevant ones draw your attention because of how they are presented to you. These advertisements speak to you.

Consider your customers in the same way. They truly desire a personalized experience.

According to Salesforce, personalized offers are twice as likely to be viewed as important or unimportant.

Personalization is advantageous not only to customers but also to you and other mobile marketers. 

According to Evergage, 98 percent of marketers believe it helps them advance customer relationships.

Marketers may discover a lot about their consumers’ preferences by analyzing user behavior and data. User feedback is another tool that might assist you in creating more personalized content. As Mobile marketers, you should pay attention to A/B testing, reviews, feedback, and customer service issues to improve user engagement and the mobile user experience.

Myntra is working hard to provide its customers with a personalized shopping experience through its mobile marketing technique.

mobile marketing technique




They employ all of their knowledge of their consumers’ preferences — in terms of brands, products, categories, goods, and product-specific qualities like colors, fit, and fabrics to make it easier and more intuitive for them to select products. 

Insights-led Engagement 

Brands may get a good start on their quest to become more customer-centric by studying and understanding the nuances of customers’ buying behavior. 

So when they apply that knowledge and insight to improve their relationship with customers, they will achieve their goals. This procedure entails developing insights-led engagement for Customer-Driven Mobile Marketing Strategy.

The mobile-first users are technologically savvy and are aware that brands acquire a great deal of information about their tastes, likes, preferences, and other interests. Marketers are expected to take these data and use them to engage customers with personalized and relevant content across all platforms. 

90% of consumers are happy to share their data to receive exclusive discounts on products they’re interested in. 

To reveal their intentions, brands can identify and analyze customers’ micro-moments (mobile app, store, website, and social media). For example- include app downloads, wishlisted products, and viewed product videos online. Using these patterns to create unique segments is significantly more accurate and effective. Customers are constantly communicating their needs to companies, and brands will be able to understand them with the correct tools.

Leveraging insights for informative decision-making when building customer engagement strategies can go a long way in helping a brand stay ahead of its competitors through mobile marketing. This insight led engagement which is one of the mobile marketing trends can further boost app discoverability.

Online Video and Mobile streaming

Video content is attention-grabbing and engaging. It attracts users’ attention more than other content types.

As a result of these factors, it is critical for mobile marketers to include video advertising as one of the required mobile marketing techniques.

For example – look at the Flipkart lifestyle video ad where three ladies wore the kalamkari, Bandhani, and Kanjeevaram saree, respectively, to promote the type of saree worn by Andhra Pradesh, Rajasthan, and Tamil Nadu.

Online Video and Mobile streaming























Source – https://www.instagram.com/reel/CbP2y1sJgPq/

There are 365 million mobile video viewers in India. There is no doubt that the number is continuously increasing. Mobile video viewers are substantially more inclined than desktop or television viewers to watch, share and feel personally linked to commercials and branded video content.

It seems reasonable that brands would use mobile video to establish personal ties.

On the other hand, brands must respond to people’s personal smartphone experiences. Giving mobile customers a choice in the ads they see is one way to show them respect.

The choice isn’t just better for mobile consumers; it’s better for the brands trying to reach them.

Streaming is no longer reserved for the big screens. 

Amazon Prime, Netflix, YouTube You can watch it all on mobile. These streaming services also boomed in 2020. They were available to provide users with on-demand entertainment. People selected mobile over other devices despite spending more time at home than ever before.

Mobile-optimized Emails

By combining mobile and email marketing, you can ensure that your offers are unique. What’s the point if there’s no value? 

Email optimization for mobile devices has long been a best practice and continues this year. 

Limiting image sizes, designing such that readers don’t have to pinch and scroll to see the material, and utilizing short paragraphs and bullet points to make the content more scannable are just a few more simple techniques to create an email mobile-friendly.

Experts predict that by 2022, mobile-optimized emails will be even more popular. Mobile-first design, in particular, is expected to become the norm.

Similarly, individuals will unintentionally judge a company based on its mobile-friendly emails. They’ll undoubtedly spend their money elsewhere if they find emailed information too difficult to navigate on their phones.

Location targeted mobile ads.

Location targeted mobile ads allow you to vary your marketing message based on where your target consumers are present. It will enable you to tailor messages to any number of scenarios—for instance, retail locations, vicinity of friends, weather, and transport routes.

You can tap into your customer’s behaviors and encourage them with offers and messages that make sense when you are aware of where they are based on their location.

It will be the most personal form of mobile marketing. You need to use it correctly to achieve exceptional results.

This includes Geolocation marketing, Hyper contextual targeting, Geo-targeting, place-based, and Behaviour Targeting. 

You can show your ads to your target audience whenever they surf the net or use a mobile app on their phone.

Location-based mobile marketing has been working wonders for many businesses. It has increased traffic to their stores and conversions, and it is still one of the most important mobile marketing trends.

WhatsApp Marketing

WhatsApp is becoming an increasingly essential mobile marketing strategy. With 390.1 million monthly active users, India leads the world in WhatsApp usage, making it a cutting-edge marketing tool for reaching, engaging, and converting potential customers.

As a mobile marketer, all you need to receive or send calls and texts through mobile internet on your devices. 

If you want to announce the debut of a new product or notify your customers about a new service, WhatsApp marketing is a simple way to do so. 

MediBuddy, for example, is using WhatsApp to offer discounts on lab packages to their customers.

WhatsApp marketing







The snapshot below shows Ajio promoting its big bold sale via WhatsApp, with two buttons labeled “shop now” and “stop.” It makes it simple to select one of the two options. Isn’t it convenient for those who want to shop to go to the App Page and those who don’t like to receive such messages to go to the stop button?

 trends in mobile marketing















In addition to text and links, WhatsApp allows you to send videos, voice messages, and status updates.


Most people carry their phones with them; this habit can be used to your advantage when targeting people. Furthermore, if you want to reach out to potential customers in 2022, you should start with these mobile marketing trends if you haven’t already. These trends in mobile marketing will assist you in effectively engaging with your target audiences and customers.

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