6 Advantages Of Mobile Advertising In India For Startups

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Mobile Advertising In India For Startups

6 Advantages Of Mobile Advertising In India For Startups

Startups are emerging day by day and are willing to stand out. Reaching specific leads is more sensible for startups, and, of course, who wouldn’t love to invest less money targeting the ideal customers and gain more profits? 

Mobile advertising in India for startups, when done correctly, can boost your marketing efforts, brand-consumer interactions, and user knowledge in ways that traditional advertising never could.

What is Mobile Advertising? 

Mobile Advertising

Mobile advertising refers to creating advertisements for people who use mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. It’s a reaction to people who can’t take their eyes off their phones or other mobile devices. This is the kind of marketing you’ll see on your smartphone. Ad kinds include text-based advertisements, banner advertisements, videos, and even mobile games. They’re also made to fit into your phone’s display.

Benefits of Mobile Advertising in India for Startups

Following are some of the key benefits of mobile advertising for startups in India:

Allows to do Geo-targeting

Marketers and mobile marketing agencies in India can utilize information like age, gender, preferences, shopping habits, etc., to create location-based, geo-targeted advertisements because individuals carry their phones with them when they travel. Startups can target the people like, which will significantly boost the return on investment. For example, target a shopper when they are near your store’s location based on their preferences. Such location-based ads notification will increase the likelihood of that particular shop visiting the store. 


Hence, it becomes pretty easy to specifically target that group of your audience who is more likely to reply or engage in a certain advertisement once you have studied the received data and user demographics.

Its cost-effectiveness saves from ineffective marketing approaches 

From the marketer’s perspective, the essential mobile advertising benefit is the cost! Why are mobile ads less expensive? It occurs primarily as a result of their targeting. Customers who want and need to see a specific ad are the only ones you reach. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on ineffective marketing that should appeal to everyone. You can concentrate solely on targeted advertising and make it as good as possible.


Additionally, the overall cost of creating a mobile advertising campaign is a fraction of the expense of creating a television or radio advertisement. Hence, one of the most cost-effective ways to contact your target clients is through mobile advertising. Cost-conscious marketers and startups can increase the frequency of messages they send or even regularly target new customers. 

Multiple creative options offer more customer engagement 

According to a Statista survey on social media usage across India in October and November 2020, the majority of respondents across all generations spent more than six hours per week on social networking sites that make startups connect with their target audience, potential customers, as well as existing customers through mobile advertising in India effectively. 

mobile advertising in India

With social media channels, websites, and apps, it is possible to increase creativity in advertisements making a stronger impression on the target demographic with solid aesthetic appeal and immediate reach.

Allows personalized advertising

Customers can always use social media to follow, like, and even submit their suggestions to their favorite brands. This information can be used to do personalized advertising. Mobile advertisements have the distinct advantage of customized marketing campaigns to the preferences of mobile users. 

personalized advertising

Mobile personalization advertisements are the process of upgrading and adapting marketing communications across mobile devices using user-specific data through advertisements allowing the startups to conclude consumer data to create a holistic picture of what the user wants or needs that helps them provide a more connected experience which leads to conversion of casual mobile users into active and engaged participants.

Easily accessible 

Mobile apps have become commonplace in modern communication. People devote a significant amount of time keeping their apps up to date. Mobile advertising helps startups and the mobile marketing agency they hire to stay in touch with customers 24×7.

mobile marketing agency

A solid advertising campaign focusing on the mobile audience can easily mean success for a startup in a world where the consumer is always online. Additionally, it’s essential to communicate your message directly to your target audience; hence with the accessibility benefits of mobile advertising, startups can deliver ad campaigns promptly.

Interactive Advertisements 

Advertisements on mobile phones are frequently of higher quality, with more appealing visuals and graphics. They focus on giving more significant and more exciting information to clients by mixing targeted advertising with captivating forms. With this in mind, Startups may encourage their target audience to spend a little more time with the brand, increasing overall engagement. 

Interactive Advertisements 

Hence, mobile advertising in India can also include various engaging content, games as people love to participate in such games, and contests that earn them rewards to make purchases. Startups can too use interactive ways like this to draw the attention of their target audience as the interactive and creative aspect of mobile ads serves as a link between the advertiser’s solutions and the needs of the customers.


advertising in India

With the rapid growth in mobile penetration, mobile advertising in India for startups can be the best strategy for the startups to engage with customers and their ever-changing interests effectively, and it’s critical for marketers and startups to keep on top of the latest technology and trends. 

Written by – Kirti

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