5 Important Things a Marketer Should Keep in Mind While Planning for Rural Marketing Campaign

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5 things for Rural marketing campaigns planning

5 Important Things a Marketer Should Keep in Mind While Planning for Rural Marketing Campaign

There are many guidelines out there that clear the path for a rural marketing agency, often putting up warning signs wherever required and even giving valuable suggestions to build a ladder to success. Even though most of the hurdles can be crossed using these, it is worthwhile to make few declarations of your own so that you don’t get confused due to the vast amount of information out there. A marketer knows best the power of influence and therefore should see the significance of keeping away from it while planning a rural marketing campaign for a client.

This means that some important points should be drilled in and memorized to ensure the strategy to be better and easier to implement. Given below are few such pointers.

1. The lines those are blurred in theory but not so much in reality

It is of utmost importance to understand that the rural and urban markets are divided in various categories and ignoring this difference is never a smart option. It is true that the lines are blurring in between rural and urban areas but to consider them gone is nothing less than disaster. A good rural marketing agency understands this divide and plans accordingly to take advantage of the uniqueness that rural markets bring.


Rural India is more conservative in approach and attitude than urban area and the same can be attributed to the difference in culture and resources. This means that their needs and preferences are different. 

2. Rural people are not all uneducated and simpler 

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Do not underestimate the audience and their decision making power because of the area they reside in. It may be true that the literacy rate is much lower when rural areas are considered but that does not mean that they do not have what it takes to absorb information and make the correct decision.


Being smart has very little to do with a graduation degree and being complex has more to do with having plenty degrees. Never segregate your audience into simple and complex, rather find a more intelligent categorization which may assist in planning the campaign, for example, people who use mobile internet or who has resources to finance the purchase.

3. Power of information delivered in the right manner

Many marketers believe that since it is rural area, entertainment and extracurricular activities should be a must. The problem is when they confuse this as the only way of communication to assist with the lack of education in those areas. They let the colors, dancing and music overtake the brand in a way that is not very helpful.


It is true that monotony can kill a rural marketing campaign but the right way to help with the situation is edutainment as against only entertainment. The right balance is needed to create a perfect balance of information and entertainment.  

4. Choice of Channel and its consequences

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Method of communication is as important as the message itself and therefore the selection of channels of marketing shouldn’t be taken lightly. This decision should be based on various factors such as product, its nature, pricing, and budget etc.


Channel of communication have to be suitable to the area but at the same time useful for the type of product to be presented. Similarly, the latest trend should inspire but not completely influence the marketer’s choice.  For example, choosing social media to market low cost spare parts for irrigation devices may not be very effective.

5. The star of the campaign

The rural marketing campaign should be planned around the product and the brand, its ultimate objective is to promote the product as well as activate the brand. Therefore, the campaign should relive this principle, doesn’t matter in the old ways or new innovative trials. The rural marketing agency should always be focused on fulfillment the marketing objectives of the clients, not their own.


The objectives of the brand are always superior to the goals of the marketing agency.

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