5 Digital Marketing Hacks that will Derail your Business in the Long Run

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5 Digital Marketing Hacks that will Derail your Business in the Long Run

5 Digital Marketing Hacks that will Derail your Business in the Long Run

Do you want to learn some quick and easy digital marketing hacks that will save you time and effort? Then, keep in mind that not all digital marketing hacks are here for good, which means that not everything that appears to succeed in digital marketing will prove to be true in the long run.

Digital marketing has been one of the most successful ways to connect with your target audience, generate leads, and close sales. However, if you want to develop a digital marketing strategy that will help your business thrive, then having the appropriate tools, attitude, and people in place will help you achieve your business goals. 

Hence, even if you’re evolved in some cheap digital marketing hacks and tricks. It’s time to unlearn them all. 


Here is our list of digital marketing hacks that you need to avoid –


Are you randomly following accounts on social media to increase your follower count? If that’s the case, you’ve probably noticed an increase in quantity. However, it will limit your long-term reach because if those who follow you don’t find your content relatable, why will they be interested in seeing it? This will gradually affect your engagement ratio.

Hence, you must alter your strategy and bid farewell to this clever digital marketing hack. Rather than randomly following any profile, look for those who can relate to your niche and follow them, engage with their posts, and leave thoughtful and valuable comments. This will bring them to your profile, increasing the number of followers and broadening your reach. Taking social media platforms seriously in digital marketing necessitates being niche-specific. Make sure your followers aren’t bored by your content.


You’ve probably heard of keyword stuffing. But, even though you’re aware of the game it’s playing with you, are you avoiding it? If not, it’s time to stop. Remember that manipulating your position in search results used to be a successful SEO strategy; now, it will result in search penalties. Many keywords will reduce readability and send users away from your page, increasing bounce rates and driving potential customers away from your business.

Instead of writing for search engines, start writing for your audience and focus on providing value to them. After all, the purpose of a website’s content should be to educate, inform, serve, and engage its visitors. Also, pay attention to using keywords appropriately by researching keywords your target audience searches for. 


Buying phoney followers is the worst way to start a business off on the wrong foot. Why is this so? Because you’re acquiring the wrong inactive audience, as they don’t recommend your content and don’t buy anything you have to offer. As a result, fake followers cause more harm than good. Hence, to avoid the digital marketing hack that harms business, let’s get to the point:

  • Instead of focusing on the number of followers, start creating and posting relevant and valuable content.
  • Be genuine and authentic, as potential and existing customers will only develop trust in your company if they see you genuinely thinking about and caring about them.
  • Avoid buying phony likes and followers to fool your audience into thinking your business is legitimate.
  • Check for bots affecting your brand’s presence on social media sites and keep track of them. Remember to report them.


Who doesn’t want to promote their business? Spamming promotions to uninterested people, on the other hand, will land your business in hot water. There is a chance that your email will be marked as spam, and people will unsubscribe. Why is this so? Because they receive too many emails or because you are not sending them relevant content.

So, what should you do in its place? Personalize your messages and provide value in your content. So, the next time you send an email, ask yourself, “What value does this message provide to my subscriber or target audience?” And how can I make this relevant to the subscriber in order to provide the most value to them?


Do you use Google AdWords to generate leads and sales? If so, that’s fantastic; just like with AdWords, you can reach a virtually limitless target audience and potentially see a positive ROI. But are you using it wisely or just throwing money around? It’s not worth it if you’re wasting your money and hoping for a positive ROI.

Instead, concentrate on using relevant keywords, planning ahead of time what you intend to do, and then launching an Adwords campaign. This way, you can effectively manage your budget, save money, and grow your business following your objectives.


When someone walks into your business looking for something specific, they don’t expect to be served a horrible trick. Don’t be surprised if they flee if you don’t give them what they want. Therefore, to make a long-lasting impact, think beyond short-term goals and avoid the aforementioned digital marketing hacks.

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