10 Commandments for the New Age Digital Marketers

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New Age Marketers :10 Commandments

10 Commandments for the New Age Digital Marketers

Every time you use Google Search Engine to for market research or to explore possible ideas, it validates the belief that digital brand marketing is the new boss in town. Based on customer lifestyle and preferences, every company needs to keep reinventing its marketing strategy and present content that is seamlessly consumed by the audience. India, being a young digital nation, has faced a lot of challenges during the introduction of digital brand marketing. In the last decade, marketing has broken barriers and come of age, which means there are not many rules. Now we have new communication channels, fresh content and bold statements to exercise.

Brand marketers are constantly trying to devise contemporary methods to reach out and connect with the audience using digital media. However, looking at the fickle rate of success that the trial and error methods have fetched, it is safe to say that even though rules are redundant, there is a need for certain guidelines to be followed.

Commandments that all digital marketers should abide by:-


Hail SEO

There is no reason or excuse to not optimize your efforts by using the all-powerful Google analytics. Many brand marketers doesn’t take interest in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and question its usability. Maybe it is justified; however with digitalisation seeking information from Google’s first page is the easiest.

victim of website

Don’t be a victim of an outdated website

The first impression can really be a lasting one, if you can get a potential customer to your website but cannot convince them to stay- it is a loss!

Your website is the first sight they have of your business. It does not need to be a design wonder but if you wish to see your efforts in Digital brand marketing reap benefits, ensure your website is responsive and well designed.


Be like air, be everywhere

Digital marketing is a team effort. It is not a sprint but rather a relay race, the responsibility of passing the baton is shared by all members participating in the race. Therefore, when brand digital marketing is considered, every component plays its part. Mark your presence on all platforms and create a social profile that speaks for the products/services.

Realise the difference between big screen and small screen

One common mistake brand marketers often make is that they fail to understand that not every user is using the same device as them. If your website gives a mobile user headache, they might dodge it completely. In order to retain audiences, marketers need to go responsive and have a website that will do well in all kinds of devices, be it Smartphone, tablets, laptops or desktop PCs.

Entice Them, Excite Them but Do Not Exile Them

Always keep your communication strategy up-to-date and electrifying from the viewer’s perspective. Keeping the audience entertained has more value than tedious and repetitive content. Also, harassing your audiences by bombarding unwanted and irrelevant content will only have the negative impact and you might experience high bounce rates.


Pay up

It is true that brand digital marketing is cost-effective but to expect it to be cheap is a big mistake. In order to see faster results, allocation of a reasonable marketing budget is required. Never shy away from it- think of it as an expense but rather as an investment for long run.

Keep up with the Kardashians

If you don’t know who the Kardashians are, you should probably find out. The whole Kardashian-Jenner clan has accumulated a net worth of over approximately $339.4 million. Most of which has been made by using Social Media as their playground for their businesses.

The lesson to be learned here is that do not underestimate the power of Social Media, if tactically used; it can harvest endless value for the business.

Content and text

Discriminate between Content and text

Marketers often make the mistake of confusing the existence of content in just its textual format. However, content has a much wider scope- it not just includes text but also the picture, video, infographic, slideshare, audio etc.

In fact, visual content is actually considered to be the best way to grasp the audience’s attention.

Fear the consequences of the wrong moves

Digital brand marketing is an opportunity to give the audience and rather your customers a sneak peek behind the curtain and to connect with them directly. Unfortunately, some marketers use fake posts and copied content in the hope of better results. Something, given the awareness level of the audiences and associated laws, they should strictly avoid. Overdoing with content is double trouble, you should be everywhere but not respecting the audiences’ privacy will often have the opposite impact of whatever you had hoped for.


Have a brand strategy and use marketing tactics

Brand strategy is a long-term plan designed to help you meet your goals easily, here tactics will figure out how to utilize the resources at hand. Without having a brand strategy, your marketing tactics might never be fruitful.

A brand strategy helps to decide the exact message you wish to convey, who you have to convey and in what form. Marketing tactics, on the other hand, are when you use the resources such as digital media to accomplish the objectives.

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