The Role of Social Media to Fuel Offline Brand Campaigns

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The Role of Social Media to Fuel Offline Brand Campaigns

No matter, how high the technological flag flies, there is always going to be worth in the on ground implementation. The arguments about dark areas and non-integration of digital mediums with offline campaigns are not well-thought. While, it is essential to run offline brand campaigns in a country like India, it is unwise to completely abandon the digital dream.

Any digital marketing company in India would vouch for the effectiveness of social media marketing but lately, marketers understand its role in offline brand campaigns. There are extreme opinions that speak about print being dead or digital marketing being the next big thing. However, these might turn out to be a little exaggerated.

Though maintain the perfect balance between offline brand campaigning and social media marketing is a promise of better results.

Mix And Match:

Marketing Strategies

Marketing strategies should not be chosen based on trends but rather careful consideration of target audience, their preferences and the product’s utility. As the customers grow into newer arenas and cross comfort zones, brands should walk this journey with them. This means not limiting themselves to native advertising and not absolutely dedicating themselves to digital marketing. It is about finding the middle ground.

There are approximately 216.5 million social media users in India in 2016 and this number is forecasted to only increase. This provides a massive number of eyeballs without the same amount of sweat and blood.

Convergence of Online and Offline Brand Marketing:

Social media management can boost an offline brand campaign when used properly. There are various reasons that have led to that conclusion. The influence that social media is capable of creating, can be utilized to impact the decision-making process of customers everywhere.

Following are a few ways that provide validation to this trend:

1 Search Engines

Doesn’t matter if your business is online or offline. The fact that people are inclined towards searching your business online makes it imperative that the brand is ready to face intense researches. You can get your business the much needed attention through integrating elements of social media optimization into offline campaigns.

2 Reviews Count

Customer Reviews

Audiences’ don’t want to be told of the qualities of the brand, they would rather see them. Therefore, when a story comes directly from the brand, it matters less than when it comes from another customer. For example, a restaurant does not provide its services online but when new customers wish to know about it, they turn to portals such as Zomato. Many restaurants/hotels/places are being rated by people on respective websites or social channels with their positive or negative experiences.

3 Social Engagements

Positive posts on social media go a long way than a promotional offer advertised at the shop. Why?

Because Social media is how they would come to know about that promotional offer. People talking about your business, product or services can lend you more eyes and ears than any paid advertising. Moreover, the brand can use this platform perfectly to engage with its customers and build a relationship with them. Imagine, someone posts a review about your product and your brand takes the time to reply to them, to show gratitude or even resolve issues, if any. This lets the customers know that the brand cares about them and keeps them coming for more. It cultivates loyalty in customers and helps get more customers as well.

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