Bioscope as an Effective Tool of Communication

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Bioscope as an Effective Tool of Communication

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 What is Bioscope

 What is Bioscope?

Essentially, a bioscope is a movie camera belonging to the earlier era, when digitalization was not so common and widespread. It is often referred to as a traveling movie theatre due to the system involved. To the common eye, it is a colorful box with multiple round windows on the front and sides, an attendant takes you through the journey from window to another to tell a story with the use of graphics or non-mobile pictures set in slides.

Bioscope was once, the most popular medium of storytelling, before the introduction of motion cinema. During its peak, it managed to create a crowd on its merit alone, the story took the side seat. However, as our technology grew stronger, our cinema experience evolved to High Definition (HD) and Bioscope was left with the remains of that time.

The good thing about change is that it often comes with a silver lining wrapped around its gift wrap. Even though technology and innovation have made bioscope almost obsolete, its charm still remains untouched from the winds of modernization.

he future of Bioscope

The future of Bioscope

As the walls of this century crumble upon their makers, people tend to dig into the past to hunt for liable alternatives of entertainment. The same principle is applicable to marketing, as things go awry with the older methods, marketers search for better alternatives. It is only natural that as the preferences of the audience changes, marketers will have to follow. Thus, the realm where these two realities collide is where the birthplace of “Edutainment”.

Edutainment is the joyful union of education and entertainment, popularly used by rural marketing agencies as a tool of communication. The concept precludes the connection of entertainment to better retention. Other methods of Edutainment include Nukkad Natak, puppet shows, etc.

Edutainment has been preferred by rural marketing agencies as a tool of communication in rural areas and small towns due its effective results and popularity among people in these areas.

Bioscope as an effective tool of communication in rural areas

Bioscope as an Effective Tool of Communication in Rural Areas

Bioscope has a special pull in rural areas and small towns where the technological storm has not hit in all its glory. It is a part of the remainder traditions lingering around, trying to survive in the world of monotony.

Where most marketers keep their eyes tightly on Digital marketing as the innovative technique of marketing, they lose sight of the essence of rural India. Therefore, they often complain about lack of interest and participation among the audience. In order to get the desired reaction, rural marketing agencies jump to edutainment for aid. The truth is that the culture that revels in the old methods of entertainment should be approached behind the veils of innateness.

This pushes the marketer towards more fun ideas of storytelling, such as


The excitement felt by people waiting in line to peep in the windows is reason enough to consider Bioscope as a tool of communication in villages but let us look at some more:-

The entertainment value

There is no point in debating the fact that entertainment attracts more crowd than a promotional activity and therefore using bioscope assists in creating the audience.

The Cost Value

Bioscope is as cheap as they come; the activity is very cost effective and worth the investment as it attracts a lot of local people from rural areas and even small towns.

The emotional value

Either the parent sees their past through the little windows in the bioscope or they see their children’s joy, both of which generate a strong emotional reaction. This helps the brand to create a lasting connection with the audience.

The brand recall value

The introduction of the entertainment aspect of the Bioscope and its unique way of giving information leaves a mark on the audience. This also helps them relate to the brand while remembering the product.


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