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Since the 1960s, AVI Living, formerly known as Avira Living, has been one of India’s top producers of home textiles. For the past 50 years, they have been exporting products of the highest quality, with distinctive designs and cutting-edge innovations. They use materials of the highest calibre that have been approved as being supremely safe for everyone’s skin and homes, such as organic cotton.


They undergo testing and certification to ensure that their fabrics are free of contaminants that are hazardous to the environment or human health. In an effort to lessen the strain on the environment, AVI Living takes numerous modest and large steps. They use solar energy, produce products from recyclable plastics and other materials, and emphasize sustainability as their main competitive advantage.



We got the mandate of handling end-to-end growth marketing for AVI Living. 

Our Strategy

We revamped the strategy for enhancing the traffic for website buying. We planned their entire content strategy for strategically alluring their TG for awareness, engagement, tempting offers, and captivating posts with content for creating a better online brand experience.

Ads Strategy

We targeted people between 18 and 34 interested in home shopping, cushions, organic living, sustainable living, etc. We created an ad set with higher-performing locations like Maharashtra, Gujarat, Karnataka, UP, and a lower budget for Tamil Nadu, Punjab, Kerala, Telangana, and so on. 


We created a separate ad set for lower-budget Facebook ads and another for Instagram. Because the Instagram feed performs better than any other placement, we removed automatic placements and switched to manual placements for higher quality traffic at lower costs.


We created a persona-based audience-specific ad set for controlled targeting & testing those audiences. Also, it enabled lookalike audiences which are very powerful & provide excellent results. We ran Dynamic Remarketing to target audiences who have added products to the cart but have not converted.  



Coupon Codes and Discounts: Apart from Sale Ads, we designed the coupon code creatives for AVI Living.


Holiday: Ascent also designed holiday season carousel ads and posted those ads with compelling captions.




Ad Creatives For Sales Ads and Brand Awareness

We created product-specific sales ads that redirect visitors to the AVI Living website. We used carousel ads as sales ads to communicate the AVI Living product line. “Cool refreshing showers are a major source of comfort during the summer!” And to add to the comfort, we designed a creative with the catchy line “Upgrade your bathing experience with our ultra soft towels’ ‘ and placed a CTA Button with “Shop Now” written.



Our creative approach was creating a small slideshow video of bath mats for their bath mats. Similarly, for Table Mats & Runner Sets, the creative design featured a vibrant image of a table mat with the compelling line “Refresh your dining table with a splash of colors.”





AVI Living was pleased with the ongoing performance, particularly in terms of website traffic, engagement, and online transactions. Over the course of five months, we were able to achieve fourfold growth.




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