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Syngenta Rural Marketing Strategy For Okra Seeds


The case study involves the agricultural biotechnology company Syngenta, which develops and markets various seed products and solutions for farmers.

Syngenta approached us to develop the whole Marketing Strategy, including Brand communication and positioning for
Okra Hybrid OH 51.


Syngenta engaged us for Brand awareness and Strategic messaging for their vegetable seed products targeted at farmers in specific regions.

Syngenta's Okra seeds case study


● Promote and raise awareness of Syngenta’s vegetable seed offerings like Okra Hybrid OH 51.

● Effectively convey the unique benefits and value propositions of these products to the farming community.

● Create engaging and locally relevant marketing content that resonates with the target farmer audience.

Challenges Addressed

● Communicating technical product features and benefits in a simple, easily
understandable manner for farmers.

● Developing culturally appropriate and relatable messaging adapted to local languages and contexts.

● Ensuring widespread reach and impact across diverse geographical locations.

Target Areas / Location

The campaigns targeted at regions where Hindi, Odia, and potentially other regional Indian languages are spoken.

Target Audience

The prime target audience are farmers, particularly vegetable growers, across various rural and agricultural areas.


We brainstormed and initially zeroed in on the positioning of its seeds. We highlighted Ease of plucking, wholesome crop, faster harvesting and crop quality to position the brand’s USPs.

This was done with the help of creatives we developed. The entire concept of the campaign communication was done by us.

We started with a teaser campaign to generate interest amongst the target segment.

Then we introduced the revealer and final creatives to create further engagement and buzz in the farming community.

Post the successful Strategic Brand Communication, we executed the mandate to create a catchy Bengali jingle for Syngenta’s Cabbage Seeds BC76. It proved to be a big success.

Activities Done

  • Developed print advertisements highlighting product features and benefits through visuals and local language text.


  • Created audiovisual content like videos featuring animated farmer characters and rhyming voiceovers to tell engaging stories about the products.


  • Composed jingles or songs in regional languages like Bengali to promote specific products like the BC76 Cabbage seed.


  • Utilized a combination of traditional and digital media channels for campaigning and outreach.


In summary, we developed impactful, localized marketing campaigns tailored to the farming community, leveraging regional languages, storytelling narratives, and a multi-channel approach to promote Syngenta’s products effectively.

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