Pan Seeds Digital Campaign in West Bengal and Assam For Paddy Seeds


Pan Seeds is one of the leading rice seed companies in Eastern India. The company started its operation by marketing Jute Seeds and later made a foray into the rice seed business. The company promotes its seeds under the brand name “PAN.” The singular focus of the brand is to deliver “Quality Seed to the Farmer,” and the commitment to Quality has resulted in Pan Seeds being recognized by the farmers as a premium brand. 

 In collaboration with Ascent Group India, the company wanted to target the farmers of the Assam and West Bengal region through a campaign before the sowing season, which was the right time we struck the brand recall. 

Marketing Approach

The objective was to increase brand and product awareness to facilitate engagement with the target group. The company also provided exciting schemes for retailers and farmers to generate more leads. 


  • Limited window period, i.e., before the sowing season. 
  • A small-scale target group in a limited territory. 
  • Highly competitive market. 

Creative Idea

This was the dream of PAN to make every farmer Atmanirbhar, and it was highly committed to achieving its motive to align with the vision of the Atmanirbhar Bharat. Keeping this in mind, we initiated a campaign named ‘HAR KISAN BANE ATMA NIRBHAR, ZYADA PAIDAVAR, ZYADZ KHUSHHALI’; this encouraged the farmers to become more independent and self-reliant.   


Acknowledged different promotion platforms 

We laid down all the mediums by which we can do the promotion: Social media marketing, Webpages, Mobile marketing, Retailer connect, and Offline marketing. 

Defining strategies 

A holistic platform was created in which different strategies were developed: 

Offline Marketing

One of the most traditional and powerful kinds of mass advertising is van advertising. We mounted banners on vans in the proper places. Additionally, posters were applied to draw the attention of the audiences.

Social media

Creatives showing the USP of the product were posted in vernacular languages: Bengali and Assamese. The posts were designed to attract the target group and build interest in their minds.   

Mobile meet

Online mobile meets were organized for farmers around West Bengal and Assam districts to brief and connect them with the company’s professionals who cleared their doubts about the products and crops; this attracted them a lot as it was unique and convenient for them. 



Our strategy of BUMPER DHAMAKA OFFER excited the farmer base and created more participation for the contest and avail cashback offer.

Retailers connect

Retailers acted as a link between the company and farmers; therefore, a push strategy was used by providing the retailers with an attractive trade scheme that motivated them to push the product and generate further sales.  

Landing page

We created two easily accessible pages in regional languages with all the details of the offer and the information about the campaign. 


  • We successfully imprinted the brand’s image in the minds of the target group, which resulted in high brand recall and created a push for buying the product during the season with strategic marketing.  
  • We have successfully established a distinct brand identity among the major competitors in the market.  
  • The mobile meet was a new concept for them; still, we conducted it with more than 7800 farmers, which was highly engaging and appreciated amid pandemic times.  
  • Through OBD, we connected with more than 164k farmers. 
  • We also consistently monitored the campaign’s growth and got a tremendous response from our target group.  
  • The campaign successfully generated many leads and increased goodwill for the company.  
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