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MP Fertility Center is one of the best IVF centers in Central India that offers a full range of infertility treatment options within a pocket-friendly budget for couples that wish to start a family. Since there was a lot of competition and saturation in the region, drawing patients from semi-urban and rural areas was part of the mandate to make the center’s life easier and smoother.


The major challenge was to address the myth about infertility among rural people and encourage them to go for the first meeting with the right clinic and the specialist doctor instead of depending on other places wandering here and there with multiple experiments. Since the matter is primarily taboo, it was difficult to crack the barrier and speak about it in the family and community due to many pre-existing reservations, apprehensions, and superstitions.

Couples generally avoid addressing the topic freely and clearly at the family level, and even when they do, they are influenced by many non-scientific experiments at the local level, worsening the situation.

  • Absence of proper marketing strategy on social media platforms
  • Generic posts were not attracting eyeballs
  • Insufficient online presence
  • Unsatisfactory content strategy
  • Inability to generate new leads online 
  • Losing footfalls to the other competitors

Target Group

Couples with fertility problems ( age group: 25-50 years)

Target Area

Small towns and villages of Madhya Pradesh

Digital Marketing Objectives

  • Increasing awareness of infertility treatment
  • Enhancing audience reach on selected geography
  • Improving the popularity of the organization
  • Generating new leads
  • Enhancing online reputation
  • Revamping the website and social media platforms

Our Idea

We formed a vernacular approach with an emotional bond with goal and influencer networks, examining the psychology of couples struggling with infertility problems linked to family and social issues.

An Integrated Approach

  • Strategic posts for creating awareness of infertility
  • Strategic posts for promoting the USPs 
  • Customer Testimonials for influencing potential customers
  • Creative special days posts for better audience engagement
  • Blogs for establishing thought leadership 

We were successful in resolving the core issues and behavioral problems by launching an educational and sensitization campaign that debunked common myths and misconceptions, and we were able to establish the center as the best and most dependable fertility treatment center in a highly competitive market by providing a steady stream of educational content focused at potential influencers.

Results Achieved


Post engagement


Page clicks within 3 months


Likes and reactions


inquiries received


Total reach within  3 months


Total leads within 1 month

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