Client:TATA Motors
Product Category: Light Commercial Vehicle
Target Markets: Maharashtra
Coverage: Nashik
Activity Days: 30 days
Media Deployment: Van with branding, Engagement Game, Leaflets, Posters, Mobile Marketing, Branded Auto, Missed call Numbers, Vehicle checkup, etc.


This BTL campaign was designed for TATA Motors for their SFC 407 Pickup & LPT407 FE. The Nashik market was not a very good market for them as Mahindra Bolero captured the market, and this campaign was a head-on campaign with Bolero Pickup.


We have planned the strategy in which we have shown the merits of using a bigger vehicle which in terms gives you better benefits than using a smaller one with investing a little more.

Target Group


  • Underemployed and unemployed youth aged between 21 and 35 see running an SCV/LCV as a viable means of self-employment.

  • Large agricultural families, who could invest in an SCV/ LCV as a second source of income for the family.

  • Shopkeepers and small businesses that could use these vehicles for captive and third-party transport of goods and people within a 10–50-kilometer radius.

Influencers Targeted for Campaign

  • Mechanic
  • Drivers
  • Brokers
  • Panchayat
  • Commercial union
  • SCV/LCV Garage owners


Objectives of the Campaign

  • A solid operating team for continuous operation.

  • Enquiries and conversion

  • Solid quality database

  • Relationship building

  • Brand building

USPs Demonstrated

  • Better payload as per govt. regulation
  • Better TCO as maintenance is lesser, and Tyre life is higher, more load carrying capacity, equal mileage
  • Smaller footprint, i.e., overall length, is small, but the load body area is more significant. Can go to any corner in narrow lanes

The Rationale of the Campaign

This campaign was planned to attack the segment of SCV Mahindra pick-up on the ground of loaded features and value at approximately the same price. Tata 407 pick-up has a lead on many attributes considered by buyers. Tata 407 pick-up seems to be the best proposition compared to its rival.

The Big Idea


We came up with the idea “Bada hai sabpar bhaari” to attack the segment of SCV Mahindra pick-up on the ground of loaded features and value at approximately the same price.

Our Activities



We set up the Tata Mahotsav and branded vehicles. 

Van and tempo ran in the target areas to make people aware of the vaahan Mahotsav.

Additionally, the team directly contacted the target audience for lead generation.

Pamphlets, leaflets, and freebies were distributed for effective engagement.

Not only this to attack competitors but free competitor vehicle checkup was also done.

Posters were also applied at various locations to generate missed calls.


WOM Generated


The entire setup of the van and one-to-one connection generated a lot of word of mouth in the mandi, which attracted many more farmers to attend the show. Invites also used to be distributed to increase the footfall at the show.



Van used


Hot and mild leads generated


Total mandis covered


Total farmers touched


Total days


Missed calls received

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