Reliance Big Disha College Activation in Rural Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh


With the mission to help the rural youth choose the right career path, Reliance Broadcast Network initiated an ambitious campaign, ‘Big Disha.’ It is a one-of-a-kind education-based rural marketing program offering critical career counseling that helps empower small-town youths to make informed career decisions based on their interest and personality. Gillette Guard partnered with the initiative to enhance its effect and penetration. 

Reliance wanted an effective route plan to penetrate the rural areas and disseminate information about this initiative and create a dialogue with as many youths as possible. 

After deliberating the mandate, Ascent designed a promotional campaign aimed at colleges and schools in the territories.

Program Elements

  1. Career Counseling Session: Career counseling is being facilitated by qualified experts who are conducting seminar sessions on various career courses and resolving their queries. 
  2. Personality Development sessions: In this session, experts give tips on improving personality like dressing, grooming, body language, behavior, etc. 
  3. Shaving Session: It is a part of the program by Gillette Guard to reinforce the message of daily hygiene among male students. 

Concept and Execution

Small-town youths possess the skills, attitudes, and potential to compete with their urban counterparts. What they lack is the right exposure and development of their skills. The unavailability of honest and unbiased information avenues and career guidance further clippers their ability. To counter this issue, Ascent and Reliance conceptualized an event-based campaign. A touch-point approach was incorporated for the optimum result of the campaign. 

At various schools and colleges, career counseling sessions and personality development sessions were conducted. Throughout the whole campaign duration, everyday sessions from 9:00 am to 6:30 pm were successfully conducted in schools and colleges. 

Youths falling under the age group of 16-22 yrs. were targeted. Youth-centric catchment points like shops, cyber cafes, stationery shops, and food joints were touched, and posters and leaflets about the whole initiative were distributed amongst the TG.  

A van was deployed for the audio announcement. It played jingles and information about the campaign and urged the youths to register for the activity. The van carried a promoter who would hand the leaflets to students and shop owners. 20 leaflets were to be given to cyber cafes and shop owners to distribute to students. 

At schools and colleges, a special registration desk was erected to register names of interested students for the seminar. After registering their names, they were handed a psychometric test to be filled out. Later they were ushered into the waiting room before the start of the session. 

A team consisting of career counselors, event managers, and promoters was deployed To ensure the effective execution of the sessions. Proper care was given to ensure the set-up of the session room. 2 classrooms were used where equipment like a projector, laptops, portable sound systems, and power supply were fitted. Multiple sessions on grooming and counseling were conducted with at least 50 students daily.

The first seminar session was conducted on career counseling, where qualified experts were present to guide students about career choices. They were thoroughly counseled on which career option to opt for according to their interests and skills. They listened to the queries of the students and resolved their doubts. It was an interactive session where students were directly approached to initiate dialogue. 

The next round of the program was the Personality Development session. A person’s Personality plays a crucial part in their professional success. Since

the whole initiative was to prepare students for their professional future, a personality development session was imperative. The experts conducting the session gave tips to the students about grooming and dressing. They were also taught about body language, behavior, and attitude to create a positive change in their overall personality. 

The next round was a competition round that involved fun and excitement. 

Shaving being a part of personality grooming, it is essential to know how effective it is to create a lasting impression through proper shaving. Gillette Guard is a known name for providing a comfortable shaving experience through its innovative techniques. So, it joined hands with Reliance to make Big Disha a success. 

Throughout the activity, promoters demonstrated how Gillette Guard gave a painless, perfect shave and informed the participating students about the competition ‘Face of the Day.’  The competition created an ambiance of thrill and excitement in the air as the winner was to get a Reebok Wrist Watch from Gillette Guard. 


To reinforce the message of daily hygiene and shaving amongst the male students, we ideated a game-based activity for Gillette Guard called ‘Face of the Day. 

An exclusive set-up was placed to allow the students to self-shave. The activity was managed by 2 promoters who made pre-required arrangements beforehand. Each student was given a shaving brush, a mug filled with water, and Gillette Razor to shave. 

Result and Response

Our strategy was to leverage our efforts and spread the reach of the BIG Disha initiative, and help as many youths as possible. Our touchpoint approach, together with coordination amongst the members, helped us achieve the aimed target.

During the campaign, far-off districts and small towns were covered, where we built direct communication with our targeted audience. 

The response from the students and school and college administration was great. Our efforts were acknowledged and significantly appreciated. During the whole execution of the program, many students came forward with their views on maintaining personal hygiene. 

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