Offline Rural Marketing Campaign for a Cattle Feed Brand ‘Milklane’

Target Group: Farmers owning cattle
Target Zones: Tamil Nadu
Concept: To entice farmers about the products and its benefit with the help of
creative engagement
Duration: 30 days
Theme: Pashudhan se Samraddhi


MilkLane aims to become India’s most innovative and socially responsible integrated dairy by applying Swiss-quality methods to transform the “first mile” of milk to facilitate the supply of high-quality milk and dairy products to industrial clients and end consumers. After an encouraging response from their partner farmers and field trials, they launched their cattle feed business in 2019. Milklane’s ‘Aayush’ brand of cattle feed is of high quality and is manufactured with carefully sourced ingredients in a fully-leased facility. Their in-house nutritionists ensure the feed is balanced in essential nutrients to improve the quality and productivity of the milk and cattle health, thus ensuring enhanced income for the farmers. They also work closely with our farmers using digital channels and offer on-site assistance to help them achieve higher yields.


  • To increase Brand and Product awareness among the Target Group.
  • To entice farmers about Milklane Ayush cattle feed
  • Engagement/interaction with the Target audience and ensure maximum participation of farmers in the campaign.
  • Spreading word of mouth
Rural marketing strategies

Activity Overview

As per the itinerary, a team of anchors, promoters, and sales officers visited villages and organized multiple activities starting from postering, announcement, leaflet distribution, house to house contact to create product awareness among farmers having cattle.


Engagement Game (Talking Cow Game)

We had a very innovative engagement game as part of our rural marketing strategy, where contestants were promoted to ask questions. The cow would answer them with respective answers pre-recorded in the system. 

Farmers liked this engagement and appreciated it as the answers were thought-provoking and informative, with a proper guide to the right use of cattle feed. 

Farmers who won the game were rewarded with giveaways. Freebies were distributed to them.

Other Activities

Farmers also gathered at the show to resolve their queries, and they were also given full knowledge of the product being promoted.   

Additionally, posters were applied at every nook and corner of the village. 

During the activity of direct house-to-house contact with cattle owners, the video presentation method was used to educate them in a better way.


We covered numerous villages in Tamil Nadu with the fundamental aim of generating leads and creating product awareness. This campaign contributed immensely to the brand by encouraging product awareness, brand overall, and generating inquiries. It has also contributed to benchmarking the level of the campaign for rural marketing in India.


Number of footfall


Number of leads captured


Activity days


Number of missed calls given


Number of villages covered


Total Kms travelled

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