K-Mag Mosaic Integrated Rural Campaign in 4 States

Client: Mosaic
Product: K Mag
Activation area: Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan
Duration: 5 months
Van activity cycle: 2 vans per village for 30 days
Locations covered: 25 districts in Maharashtra, 10 districts in Madhya Pradesh
Media Deployed: Van engagement, Audio announcement, Tele calling, Posters, Leaflets, standees, banners, danglers, bunting, freebies


Our strategic understanding of the product and market served us in identifying the market segment and their media preferences. The entire concept of the engagement was centered on customers/various customer segments like distributors, retailers, and progressive farmers. A right timing touch point approach backed our concept.


Since the work area was huge and involved multiple segments, the campaign was broken down into three major activations that ran simultaneously for better implementation. They were:


  • Retail Branding
  • Tele-calling
  • Van Engagement

 These activations were strategically integrated into a cohesive marketing plan to serve the purpose of brand presence and lasting product recall.


Mosaic has been an active player in the fertilizer and pesticide market, with a strong presence in the northern and western states of India. To further serve their customers with better product results and experience, they launched a new product in the market, K-Mag. This new product from Mosaic promises to be a perfect source of Magnesium, Sulfate, and Potash.


To create brand awareness amongst the target audience, Mosaic wanted to activate their targeted farmers before the crop season. The brand intended to develop a top-of-the-mind recall of K-Mag before the start of the season and convert the lead into sales. They aimed at presenting Mosaic K-Mag as the best available choice of the lot, having all the essentials.

Here, Ascent creatively curated an integrated route to underline the USPs of the product. A thematic engagement was initiated to drive maximum farmers and develop an effective brand recall.


Retail Visibility

Retail outlets are one of the places where consumers and brands have direct interaction. It serves as a crucial platform for brand visibility and heightened brand recall ability. It was thus imperative to explore this segment. To create a buzz in the market about Mosaic’s newly launched K-Mag, we provided in-shop branding services.

Artistic and attractive branding tools like inflated danglers, table tops, posters, banners, bunting, dealer sign board, and standees were installed at retail stools across Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, and Uttar Pradesh. 

The installations were made in around 485 shops in the states, as mentioned above. These installations acted as a boon for the K-mag as they created a viable environment for customers and retailers to interact.




Whether selling to businesses or customers, telemarketing is the most effective way to promote a brand and create potential business opportunities. It can tap valuable clients and keep in touch with existing ones. Since the database of 25000 numbers was to be exhausted over the span of two months, the database was to be sorted out and redone daily basis targets. The daily target was then set, and callings were made rigorously. At the back end, we created a reporting mechanism to coordinate with the client and report any problems efficiently.

Enquiries Farmers made were:

  • Can K-Mag be used for floriculture?
  • Can farmers have a K-Mag demo?
  • What is the water solubility status of K-Mag?
  • If there is a need to use pesticides after applying K-Mag?
  • What is the effecting as well as reaction time for K-Mag?
  • What are the ratio of S, K, and Mg and their respective functions?

An initiative to tackle the low number of callings was taken through a query-resolving mechanism.   The concerns and queries raised during the calling process were registered and transferred to the experts, who resolved them on the spot. This initiative not only helped resolve farmers’ doubts but also helped in instilling renewed energy and vigor in the calling team.

Subsequently, there was a great hike in the number of calls placed to the farmers.

During phase 1, a total of 22 112 calls were placed from the center, in which 11,965 calls were placed in Maharashtra, 7,490 calls in Madhya Pradesh, and 2,614 calls in Uttar Pradesh. Four calling attempts were made, which created approx—4180 hot leads.

The second phase was the follow-up round, where the TGs were called to review the effectiveness of K-Mag. The second phase was effective in November and covered Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, and Maharashtra.

Calls were made to the already covered farmers, and were asked to review the product and comment on its effectiveness. The second phase of calling registered urgent requirements of the product, thus marking the effectiveness of the whole activation.

Campaign Execution

Once the telemarketing approach was ideated, it was executed in two phases. In the first phase, callings were made to the Target Group to draw their attention toward the new product launched by Mosaic. The product was introduced through a pre-written script that highlighted the USPs of K-Mag. The first phase ran for 3 months, from October to December.

A special set-up with required equipment was created to house the tele-calling team to execute the work. A team from Mosaic composed of doctors and state heads visited the center to train the team.

The team was oriented about the features of K-Mag and how it is superior to other brands available in the market.

The callings for the first phase started on 9th October. On the very first day, a total of 450 calls were made. The following day, around 520 calls were made to the farmers. As K-Mag was a newly launched product, farmers had many queries that initially hampered the calling numbers.


Van Activation

For BTL activations, Van engagement is apt for rural marketing. Farmers, amid many van campaigns, find every brand to be a me-too brand. Thus, an engagement speaking the very DNA of a brand makes up a working proposition and more extended brand recall. On top of it, when we add entertaining jingles to it, it brings more depth to the medium.

The campaign ‘Ab Karo Faisla’ was thus conceptualized. Through Ab Kro Faisla, the intention was to raise curiosity around Mosaic K-Mag by adopting experiential marketing tools. This will present Mosaic K-Mag as the best available lot choice, having all the essentials.

A thematic engagement was ideated where there were cue cards and driven wheel games. The game consisted of 3 cue cards bearing the USPs of K-Mag and a big wheel that had all three USPs designed on it. The participant had to pick up one cue card. Then the participant was asked to spin the wheel. If the wheel stops at the same message on the cue card picked up by the participant, he would be declared the winner.

Activity Flow

  • Reach the target Village
  • Setting the Arena
  • Setting the music to create a buzz
  • Gathering the crowd
  • Announcement of the activity by anchor
  • Initiate the engagement
  • Declaration of the winner and prize distribution
  • Repeat the flow

The van was specially designed and branded for the execution of the activation. The van travelled from village to village, covering every nook and corner and disseminating information about the activation. Upon reaching the engagement area, the game arena was set. The prompter present in the van would then gather the crowd and urge the farmers to participate. Once enough crowds were gathered, the anchor started the game. It was a total of 30 min engagements where our on-ground team tried to perform 2 games and managed to attract 40-50 footfalls. Each day for 30 days, 3 to 4 villages were covered where at least 2 games were played.


Not only did we bring Mosaic K-Mag to the farmers’ lips during the campaign, but we also managed to build a trust factor for the product amongst the retailers, distributors, and end-users.

1 K+
total eyeballs
Total villages covered
total engagement

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