John Deere Jaha Gati Waha Pragati Rural Campaign


John Deere Tractor is a prominent name in India’s agricultural sector with a rich history in serving the needs of Indian farmers. Quality, commitment, and innovation are at the brand’s core, helping them recognize the needs of Indian farmers and providing them with technologically advanced products to fulfill their requirements.

To introduce their tractor model JD 5036 C amongst the farmers, John Deere wanted to promote the product’s features and initiate maximum test drives. The brief sought ways to ensure the sales conversion of the same. Apart from attempting first-time buyers, the brief placed an essential emphasis on the existing buyers. The brief was mandated to ensure top-of-the-mind recall through farmer-centric engagement activities. 



  • To increase brand visibility
  • Highlight the best features of JD 5036 C
  • Initiate Test drive to enrich customer’s hands-on experience
  • To successfully build brand recall


To aid John Deere in achieving its goal, Ascent exclusively formulated an integrated campaign, ‘Jaha Gati Waha Pragati.’ During the campaign, we covered 488 targeted villages across M.P., Highlighting speed as the USP of JD 5036 C, and our team conceptualized several engagements and activations under an event-based campaign, ‘Jaha Gati Waha Pragati.’ Since speed and mileage is a factor that drives the success and productivity of a farmer, the whole activity revolved around highlighting the efficiency of the tractor and how it is superior to other brands available in the market. 

 Several touch point areas were located in M.P. to host the engagement to initiate direct interaction with the T.G. 


We initiated door-knock activations, touch and feel engagements, and product counseling to give an experiential brand exposure to the targeted groups. 

We collected the data and then forwarded the data generated throughout these activations to a call center specially created to support the whole program. 

Through the call center, we did not just filter & verified the collected data and helped convert them into hot leads and eventual sales. We phased out the whole campaign in two rounds to ensure that the campaign created buzz and maximum engagement. 




We marked the targeted villages and touch point areas beforehand and carried out a pre-publicity engagement. 

We also designed a Mobile van that moved in and around every nook and corner of the villages. It created hype for the event happening under the campaign.  


Ascent transformed the concept into a cohesive action plan synchronizing each deployed medium to leverage the maximum result. We carried out the campaign in two phases; Pre Publicity & Main Event. The campaign’s main focus was to register desired responses from the framers. Farmers were put at ease and were oriented about John Deere Tractors to achieve this. 

 We formulated an integrated activation that involved multiple communication mediums and culminated in a successful event. 

 During this Pre-Publicity Activation, our team went door to door and interacted with the farmers, informed them about the event happening in their village, and motivated them to be a part of it.  

 The campaign’s second phase was carried out on a specially designed Eicher. Each day, one village was covered. During the entire engagement, a total of 488 villages were covered. 

A special setup was erected at the pre-identified location. The setup was enclosed from 3 sides with the provision of ample seating and an entertaining A&V presentation to keep the audience hooked. The A&V explained the features of JD 5036 C. 

We also initiated door-knock engagements during the pre-publicity phase to ensure every household gets covered and informed about the event. 

Branding through posters & leaflets, distribution of freebies, van activations, and audio-visual presentations were some of the tools which were effectively put to use.

The team also distributed special event invites to the villagers to enhance the experience of the T.G. further and create a personalized connection.

Additionally, an effective channel of coordination between the team and dealers helped track the footfalls during and after the campaign. 

Our team contacted villagers and farmers a day before through pre-publicity activations to spread awareness about the whole campaign. Banners and posters were placed at numerous touch-point areas where the T.G. was most likely to gather. 

It furnished the mission of brand visibility and created a buzz about the main engagement happening the next day. 

Our team personally handed the special event invites to village heads, influential people, and farmers, and they were encouraged to be part of the main event. The team informed the villagers and farmers about the upcoming event through handbills, leaflets, and calendars. 

The event was made even more entertaining through exciting games and engagements. A Jigsaw puzzle-solving game was played where the participant had to complete the picture of a John Deere tractor by assembling oddly shaped pieces. 

The game helped in testing the product recall and created a lasting impression of the tractor. 

Another game that made the event a hit was BasketBall. A basketball poll was placed on one side, and the participant had to make a goal by throwing the ball in the basket. But there was a twist in the game. The participant had to make a goal from the tractor. The game gave first-hand experience on the working of John Deere Tractor besides being entertaining.

The key concern of the entire campaign was to create brand credibility amongst its target group. It was thus essential to give hands-on experience to the farmers. Our anchors invited the farmers to test drive the model and better understand the product. On demands from many farmers, the cultivator was attached to the tractor and showcased its functioning. The dealers at the event listened to the farmers’ queries and resolved them. 


Route Plan

The activity happened from Monday to Friday in Mandis and Saturday-Sunday in villages according to the route plan.

Scale and Results

The whole concept of “Jaha Gati Waha Pragati” was a success. It helped John Deere Tractors increase its revenue from the state of Madhya Pradesh.

To be specific about the results, the activation managed to tap 20,832 farmers in total. Out of which, only 9,415 took part in the event. The Hot Leads of farmers generated through the entire campaign was 2,026. During the activation, some of the existing John Deere customers were spotted, who without hesitation went on to recommend the brand. It has given our brand more substance and left other farmers confident about the same.


Farmers touched
total participation
hot leads generated

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