Integrated Campaign under Bharat Swachhata Mission

Client: Gwalior Municipal Corporation
Product Category: Swachh Bharat Mission
Target Markets: Gwalior
Coverage : All 66 wards of Gwalior
Activity Days: 20 days
Media Deployment: Nukkad Natak, Puppet Shows, Swachhta rath, Leaflets Inserts, Hoardings, Lifesize cutout, Badges, caps, keychain, Digital Integration.


Gwalior Municipal corporation, with an aim to be the cleanest city among the 500 cities in the Swachhta Sarvakshan 2017, proposed a tender for the agencies who can promote it in  Gwalior. GMC and we joined hands to work together for this cause. They wanted to cover all 66 wards under GMC in the limited time frame of 20 days.

 The main aim was to make the city cleaner and make people understand the importance of cleanliness and toilets. They wanted to promote no open defecation as it is home to many diseases. They also aimed to involve the public to be a part of this movement as Swachhta Caption, who will take the responsibility of keeping their surroundings clean and healthy, and also wanted to increase the number of likes on their Facebook page.



After deliberating the brief with the client, Ascent came up with the idea of an offline-led online campaign as the time was less and the target was big.

We decided to first touch on the rural area of GMC with the help of Nukkad Natak and a puppet show. 

Along with that, the online activity started, which let the public of Gwalior know about the things which were happening in their surrounding.

 There were certain criteria in which the city would get the points in the Swachhta Survey, which needed to be promoted to engage the people with engaging content so that they would come forward for the cause of cleanliness and make the city number one.



There were two teams of Nukkad Natak, and they used to do 10 shows per day in the pre-defined territory; the script of the show was based on the cleanliness and problems which people face due to open defecation.  

Rural folk media - Rural advertising strategy

It was an entertaining show with 5 members in a team and did 200+ shows in 20 days.

The Puppet show team had musical jingles for their performance which again is based on the Swachhta platform; the jingle was created to attract more and more people to come and join us for the mission of cleanness.

We tried to convey the message engagingly to reach maximum people with the WOM, which these activities create in the market.


On the puppet show vehicle, we placed a big bell, and once the show was over, we used to urge people to take the pledge for swachhta captain and ring the bell to announce to all that from today, he will be taking care of his house and nearby surroundings.

Digital Integration in the campaign:

We created content for Bioscope in video format, which was played at different shows in the city. It was an innovative and engaging element that created WOM in the market about the activities going around in the city regarding the cleanliness drive of GMC.


An engaging comic jingle was played for 20 days on the radio to engage more TG and join hands to make the city number one. It encouraged TG to keep the city clean and healthy and comically delivered the message.

We also did a campaign in which we played audio files on the caller tone of the TG.


Integrated offline efforts with online campaigns for better results:

It is always fruitful to align offline efforts with online channels to multiply outcomes. We executed ‘The Swachhata Campaign for Gwalior municipal corporation, where we had to create Swachhata Ambassadors from the city who would work as ambassadors to facilitate administration for further making people aware of cleanliness and contribute to this significant joint initiative for making it successful.



We drove a campaign on Facebook and created many engaging posts to make people come forward for the city’s initiative. Out of one month-long online effort, people participated and supported the campaign and shared many posts and interesting articles. More than 1200 people showed their interest in becoming Swachhata Captain. They were finally invited by the commissioner and felicitated for their efforts.

 The major task was to engage more and more people online so that the maximum TG could be touched and the message could reach the maximum desired TG. As a result, we launched an online campaign to target TG. We began posting images of activities online to inform people about the swachhta activities taking place in the city, and we received a positive response.


Then we began to post question-based content to engage the TG and learn their thoughts on swachhta, which impacted the TG, and the response was positive; people began to comment on their thoughts and how it could be taken forward. To further engage the TG, we began to ask questions about Gwalior. To increase engagement, we started posting content about keeping Gwalior clean and healthy; the content reached thousands of people who liked and shared it.


The need of the hour was to develop Swachhta Captains. They can take the responsibility of keeping their surroundings clean and join hands with GMC to work together and make Gwalior a clean, healthy, and open defecation-free city.


With the help of a post, we got 1200 people enrolled with GMC for Swachhta Caption.

We also integrated a miss call number on which anyone gives a miss call and register their problems which will be further taken care of by the GMC, which results in a better image and confidence in TG.

We also posted some content on tips to promote the does and don’ts to keep the city clean and healthy. To touch the emotions of TG towards their city and make the city number one.

As to reach more TG, video marketing is done in which we took the video of those who are involved in the work to make the city clean and of those who are influential people in the city whom everybody knows and would like to listen to them, like Mayor, Municipal commissioner,  SP, etc.

We posted the Mayors Video post, SP Gwalior Post, Municipal Commissioners Post, and CEO Smart City Gwalior’s Post. The Video post resulted in more engagement from those whose results were showcased when we did the post for filling the survey, which is one parameter for any city to be number one among all other cities.

After the Campaign was over, it was time to see the results as the team from Delhi had come to do the survey in Gwalior city about cleanness and what people know about the Wichita Survey, and what all things need to be done to keep the city clean and the status of cleanness in the city. The first team did the survey, and Gwalior was awarded as an Open Defecation free city for the next 6 months. Gwalior came number 1 among 500 cities in People Engagement and Participation.


Branding Elements used in the campaign:

  • Gandhiji Life size cutouts were placed at government offices and other prime locations.
  • 300000 Paper inserts in 20 days in the city.
  • 50 Hoardings were placed at prime locations in the city.
  • Bus stop branding was done.
  • Caps, Keychain, Leaflets, and Badges were distributed among TG.
  • Wooden Cutouts and Pole Kiosk placed in the city.


Audio files on caller tune :
1: The campaign delivered 94% of the planned budget, with a success rate of 96%.
2: Total ad plays numbered 188,389, with 179,949 impressions lasting longer than 1 second.
3: 100% of successful ad plays were served to 96% of unique MSISDNs
4: Average engagement time with the ad was 13.90 secs which is 96% of the Audio file length. It is also important to note that this is higher than the industry average for video (75%)

1 %
Campaign success rate
Total ad plays
Ads Impressions
1 secs
Average engagement time

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