Farmer Campaign for Dupont Algrip in Punjab & Haryana


DuPont is one of the world’s largest producers of chemicals and science-based products. They are using science and innovation to make the world a safer, healthier, and better place to live. 

We planned their BTL initiative to reach out to farmers in Haryana and Punjab’s markets. It was a 15-day promotional campaign in Haryana and a 15-day campaign in Punjab to educate, train, and raise awareness about DuPont Algrip’s quality and productivity after use in the sector. 

Our theme was AlgripNahi DuPont Algrip, which meant that you could use DuPont Algrip in your fields to keep weeds at bay. The operation influenced approximately 8600 farmers.


  • To promote & project DuPont Algrip.
  • The campaign benefits DuPont Algrip users and non-aware farmers about the quality of insecticides and the productivity they should expect after using them.
  • To familiarize farmers with the method of identifying a product.
  • To inform them that if they used DuPont Algrip in their area, they would see a significant increase in productivity.


A total of 4 vehicles were employed to educate, train and generate awareness about the DuPont Algrip. We organized engagement rounds wherein winners were announced; also, there was gift distribution. Product testing in front of the TG was done, and MIO explained to the TG about the product.



Yehi hai Sach, as a creative strategy, outlines the nonchalant behavior of farmers when they go out to purchase generic herbicides, choosing to overlook quality, hence endangering their crop safety and yield.

Creative Engagement


The prevalent situation is that farmers take ‘chances’ when they opt for a  generic herbicide. A sense of uncertainty hovers. ‘Algrip’ stands for assurance and quality. For farmers to imbibe the same belief, the engagement compelled the farmer into a ‘contrary state’, wherein he was first made to think about what really was wrong with his existing approach and then exposed to the “Truth.” 

An event was organized where farmers gathered in numbers.

The MIO explained the  Dupont Algrip product to the farmers.

The engagement activity was done as planned for the effective participation of farmers.

Gifts were distributed among the winners. 


Fact & Figures


No. of days

Round of engagement


Punjab Van 1




Punjab Van 2




Haryana Van1




Haryana Van2




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