Dupont Coragen’s Farmer Campaign to Address the Counterfeiting Problem in MH, AP, WB, and KA


Counterfeiting the product had become a big problem with DuPont and eroded its brand value. DuPont devised a strategy of SMS & telemarketing to counter the problem, but it was in vain, as the counterfeits also started using the same serial numbers. Finally, the solution was found in a hologram named IZON, which enables the farmers to ensure the product’s authenticity while tilting the product case. Ascent devised a strategy, 100% Nischint Kisan – Jab Milaye Binduon ke Nishan, based on IZON.

Scope of Strategy

Though it seems commonplace as a challenge, counterfeiting has long been a dampener in rural parts of India, where it is rampant, voiding the years of research and investment done by a company. As mentioned, DuPont woke up to the challenge timely in terms of establishing the cross-checks and initiating legal action against counterfeits in the short run. 


After slicing and dicing the brief, Ascent rooted its thinking in the packaging because it’s the only tangible visual clue between farmer, retailer, and manufacturer at the retail counter, and that can now be put to fight counterfeit problems.   


The swirl of the challenge faced by DuPont peaked, and in a tick, it has taken a course of action that tended to be short-term, immediate. In retrospect, DuPont foresaw the very challenge long back and resorted to the IZON label to fight counterfeit. Izon label is a deep, 3D, overt authentication technology. Essentially a hologram.  


Ascent further directed its thinking based on holograms as a tangible visual clue and being open to the measures already taken by DuPont.   


Strategy in Place

The solution needed to account for the lack of attention from farmers and retailers’ leeway to push forth counterfeits. Our actionable strategy based itself on visual identification aiming to popularize Izon Label with a thrust on heavy education and image building, resulting in better, increased awareness for Coragen.  


DuPont Izon as a hologram has a unique characteristic: if it’s tilted in a different direction, certain dots pop up differently on the same hologram. For example, if tilted on the right side, one dot pops up on the left side.



However, in the long run, DuPont wished to educate farmers on the other measures being put in place. Because the client had already invested in that and was required to utilize them, other measures included SMSes to verify and validate the unique number printed on the product pack. And inbound tele-calling was another measure that required them to connect with the tele caller and get authentication done. These two measures, other than visual identification, were incorporated strategically. 


This complete process was understood to safeguard farmers against counterfeits. Wherever DuPont faced such counterfeiting problems in the target market, the same strategy was deployed in a phased manner.


The objectives of engagement further the chosen communication strategy 100% Nishchint in terms of laying down a set of guidelines are as follows:-


1) Aware farmers of how to identify coragen.

2) To acquaint the farmers with the mannerism of verifying an original Product Bottle.

3) Encourage more and more farmers to Know about the Real Coragen.

4) Educate the farmers about the usage of Coragen.



Ascent designed a BTL campaign as an attempt to reach out to the farmers in markets of Andhra Pradesh District West Godavari & East Godavari, West Bengal District Nadia & 24 Parganas, Maharashtra and Karnataka.


It was a promotional campaign of 30 Days focused on the markets flooded with counterfeit products for insect-controlling compounds. To educate, train, and generate awareness amongst the masses through Visual identification of authentic DuPont products – Coragen a total of 4 teams were on the move.

Campaign Phases

Phase I


To popularize the DuPOnt IZON label and project it as a tool to be safeguarded against counterfeit.

Communication Strategy: 

Farmers, when sensitized towards the counterfeits, wouldn’t like to risk their crops and increasingly seek ways to be assured. Since the Izon label is an assurance of authenticity, tilting around the Izon label enables some dots to pop up, and matching the dots as guided will authenticate the product. Farmers thus stand to get 100 % assurance of authenticity. This, in turn, invokes feelings of being tension free.

100 % Nishchinta Kisan – Jab Milaye Bindu ke Nishan is an elevation of the same state of mind as a communication strategy.  




Keeping this in mind, Ascent devised an engagement that made the process of identifying live. A replica of the Izon label was wooden-made in big size to enact the process of having a certain slot open from the top that allowed a ball to pass through and pop up on the front. When popped out in front, the ball made the whole wooden-made frame look like DuPont Izon Label.  


How does it all happen? Our trained anchor tilted the pack in different directions, and the farmer had to put the ball in the wooden frame by understanding which directly led to the dot being popped. 



Before making a farmer do the same, we needed to make him thorough with the identification process and, more importantly, the need for it. So our ice breaker set the need upfront to farmers in a way that clearly established DuPont Coragen as a saver over counterfeit. Once convinced about DuPont Coragen, the ways to authenticate the same were sought. This was when we pitched the visual identification process focusing on the IZON label. Anchor with a life-size replica of the pack-oriented farmers on visual identification. Afterward, farmers were engaged.      

Phase II

Objective:   To retouch farmers for sustained awareness and mind share for IZON. To make them aware of the complete authentication process. 


Communication Strategy:  This time also, the communication strategy centered around 100 % assurance of authenticity with a twist to incorporate the complete authentication process.  


We’ve conditioned the claimed “tension-free state of mind” to the option at the farmer’s disposal. That’s why it says, “Kyo Ki Jaach He Mumkin Isliye Nakal Na Mumkin ‘. All options were duly exercised as the complete authentication process and be assured against counterfeits.  

Concept:  The first phase of the activation pitched visual identification and product orientation to farmers. 

Phase 2 was planned to focus on the Visual identification process and other measures being in place. This was achieved again to base the engagement first on visual identification to embed IZON deep in farmers’ minds. Second, to entertainingly make the whole SMS/call validation process fun and understandable. 

Since SMSing and calling was the action sought from farmers, a giant mobile phone replica was erected to smoothen the transmission of information. 

Kaun Banega Crorepati Concept

Along the lines of the popular quiz show Kaun Banega Crorepati with a giant mobile phone at the center, we created a show-like ambiance.

After getting 3 participants qualified from the visual identification, our anchor steered the show with KBC ado and asked them to shoot an SMS on the dummy mobile to the designated number. After pressing OK, a sound confirmed that the SMS was sent. 


Each SMS triggered one of the three responses (1. Product is Authentic, 2. Product is not authentic, 3. Product has already been authenticated). Anchor explained the same on the dummy mobile to all the participants. 


After that, the QA round commenced, wherein each participant was asked three questions(based on SMS responses ), and the right answer fetched them the 100 % Nischint Kisan Title. The session ended with a live call to inbound numbers that set farmers at ease about the entire process. 


The activity happened in Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal & Karnataka. A total of 1-month campaign was done for each phase.

Andhra Pradesh


The activity happened for a total of 32 days in Andhra Pradesh. Around 6060 km were covered.


  • Visitors -15670 

  • No. of Gratification -1671

  • Rounds of Game -224 

  • Dart Game Winners -224

  • Consolation Winner – 1447 

  • Leads Generated -1680  




The activity happened for 30 days in Maharashtra, and around 3901 km were covered 


  • Visitors-8825

  • No. of Gratifications -1070

  • Round of Games – 120

  • Dart Game winners -120

  • Leads- 720

  • No. of Consolations-950


West Bengal 


The activity happened in West Bengal for 30 days, and a total of 3168 km were covered.


  • Visitors-7770

  • No. of Gratifications -854

  • Round of Games -89

  • Dart Game winners -89 

  • Leads- 854

  • No. of Consolations -765




The activity happened in Karnataka for 15 days in Phase 1 


  • No. of visitors – 7425

  • Leads generated – 1625.


Total visitors

Overall Results


Total leads generated

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